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Erin Kreider

After spending 15 years in the insurance industry in Maryland and proudly seeing our daughter go to college in Tennessee, my husband and I decided to move to Jacksonville, FL where it was warmer in 2019. We knew this would be short lived as we had a 5 year plan to move outside of the United States.
We began researching all over the world, places like Mexico, Greece, Italy, Spain, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil….the list goes on. We initially decided upon Merida, Mexico in the Yucatán, however the humidity we found to be worse than Florida and for a longer period of time. This was not something we were interested in, so it was back to the drawing board.
My husband found an online board for La Paz, BCS, Mexico and we were blown away at what we had seen online. We thought, if La Paz was half of what we were seeing online, we would be completely sold!
In October 2022 we came to La Paz for vacation and within the first 48 hours we were sold. The culture, people, scenery, food, limitless number of beaches, family values were exactly what our souls yearned for.
We met with a real estate agent to look at a few neighborhoods to get a feel of different areas within La Paz. The third home we were shown, my husband and I fell in love. We put an offer on the house the next day. Mind you, we were just doing our due diligence and doing our “recon/research” for a future home.
Fast forward to June 2023 - we sold our home in Jacksonville, Florida and hired a moving company to pack our home/belongings for our forever home in La Paz. With our two dogs and the little bit of things we could fit within two vehicles, we started our adventure from Jacksonville, across country, and down the Baja peninsula.
The journey was a once in a lifetime time experience that took us 8 days in total. Here we are today, extremely happy and at peace with our decision to live in such an extraordinary place.
If you would like learn more about the real estate in La Paz, as a forever home, part time home, or investment property, contact me. A home is an extension of one’s own personality, and I thrive on making sure my clients find that perfect home that speaks their language.

Erin Kreider
Plaza Transpeninsular Carretera Transpeninsular
km. 4.5 El Tezal
Cabo San Lucas B.C.S. 23454

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