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Monthly Archives: January 2021

    See what happens on a new beach house adventure outside of Cabo

    By Nick Fong | January 31, 2021

    Back in the first episode , Nick Fong of Ronival Real Estate met up with Pam and Marty, his previous clients, to start their new adventure on Find Mexico Houses.  They are now ready to exchange their awesome Cabo condo, which they purchased back in 2014, for an affordable house near the beach outside of Cabo. ... Read More

    Watch Nick Fong’s previous clients exchange their Cabo condo for a house

    By Nick Fong | January 24, 2021

    Watch Pam and Marty, former clients of  Nick Fong of Ronival Real Estate, in this new episode of Find Mexico Houses.  Now, they have decided to exchange their condo in Cabo for a house near the beach to have a little more space to move around.  Continue reading to learn a little about them and... Read More

    Episode three of Find Mexico Houses: What is Miles and Alisha’s decision?

    By Nick Fong | January 17, 2021

    In episode one, Nick Fong of Ronival Real Estate met with his two special guests, who are his previous clients, Miles and Alisha Pruitt, to view some properties in Cabo.  They previously purchased a new home in Cabo while being filmed on Mexico Life Season four with Nick Fong himself.  Now, they have called Nick... Read More

    Learn about the new CDC travel regulations prior to traveling to Los Cabos

    By Nick Fong | January 17, 2021

    As you may have heard, the CDC has established new rules only a few days ago, in January of 2021.  The main rule that everyone is talking about right now is the need to show proof that you tested negative to COVID-19 when you re-enter the United States.  Nick Fong wants to know what this... Read More

    Travel restrictions to Mexico from the US and Canada: Here’s the latest update

    By Nick Fong | January 11, 2021

    Like many people from Canada and the United States of America, you’re probably ready to visit Mexico after such a tough year.  Well, you’ve come to the right place for the latest COVID-19 travel restriction information.  But of course, this is quite a complicated topic, as you’ll see.  Fortunately, it’s all laid out below, and... Read More

    Travelling to Mexico during COVID-19: Americans feel safe, especially in Cabo

    By Nick Fong | January 3, 2021

    Most countries throughout the world are not welcoming tourists from the United States due to COVID-19.  That’s because coronavirus is surging in the U.S – they have good reason to close their borders to Americans.  But of course, there’s at least one exception, and it’s a place where Americans love to visit.  With wide open... Read More