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Author Archives: Nick Fong

    Embracing Wellness in Baja California Sur’s Real Estate

    By Nick Fong | September 19, 2023

    As we journey through the changing terrains of the real estate sector in Baja California Sur, one thing is apparent – wellness is at the forefront of this evolution. I’d like to talk to you about this evolution and introduce to you two of the developments that are leading the way: Oceana and Mantarraya, both... Read More

    Boost Bookings: 8 Proven Vacation Rental Marketing Tips | Redfin

    By Nick Fong | August 26, 2023

    Check out the recent Redfin article we were featured in: Whether you’re establishing your vacation rental business in a house in Rochester or an Oklahoma City apartment, implementing successful marketing strategies is pivotal for driving bookings and fostering repeat guests. These proven tactics, drawn from the expertise of industry leaders, encompass VR success stories, crucial insights, and the art... Read More

    Understanding the Real Estate Market in Baja California Sur as it Enters the Off-Season

    By Nick Fong | August 16, 2023

    Introduction Welcome to our comprehensive guide on understanding the real estate market in Baja California Sur as it enters the off-season. As industry-leading experts, we aim to provide you with valuable insights and in-depth analysis to help you make informed decisions in this dynamic market. Whether you are a buyer, seller, or investor, our article... Read More

    Coco Bongo in Cabo: One of the most famous nightclubs and the best place to party in Cabo

    By Nick Fong | May 15, 2020

     Welcome to Coco Bongo, definitely one of the top-5 nightclubs in all of Cabo. The enticing vibe of this place comes from the crazy and fun experience it offers every night.  Because of the reason mentioned before, this incredible night club has been for many years a reference of the Cabo nightlife.  The Coco... Read More

    Soft closing in real estate: Learn more about this process with Nick Fong from Los Cabos Agent!

    By Nick Fong | March 25, 2020

     Learn in this post more about real estate in Cabo. Los Cabos Agent is ready to embark with us in a quick but useful lesson on real estate terms.  Here we’re going to talk about  ”soft closing” a deal when buying or selling a house. Although this might sound complicated, we can assure you... Read More

    Spoon food shop in Cabo: Healthy and yummy food with Los Cabos Agent

    By Nick Fong | March 25, 2020

    Welcome back to the Los Cabos Agent blog. This time we’ll talk about one of our favorite eating spots in Cabo San Lucas. This restaurant is something different from what you usually find in Cabo and is healthy and yummy at the same time, this is Spoon Food Shop. This a place where you can... Read More

    Wild Canyon Adventures: Los Cabos Agent visits a one-of-a-kind theme park in Cabo

    By Nick Fong | March 20, 2020

     Wild Canyon is a theme park with a variety of adrenaline-filled activities to do in a paradisiacal canyon between Playa El Tule and Sierra de La Laguna in the Cabo region. Its more specifically located halfway between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. And the highlight of this park is the diverse... Read More

    Race for Cabo kids: A very fun fundraiser race for the whole family!

    By Nick Fong | March 17, 2020

    Welcome once again to the Los Cabos Agent Blog.  In today’s post, we’ll talk about an extraordinary event that’ll take place this coming March 29th in Los Cabos.  This event is the Race for Cabo kids! This is happening in San José del Cabo and near the central stadium of the city it’s where the... Read More

    Nazar Kalayji visits Cabo San Lucas: We’re always learning from the best

    By Nick Fong | March 10, 2020

     We’ve always found it important at Los Cabos Agent to learn from the advice and words of experts that promote constant learning.  On this occasion, the words that allow us to grow are from Nazar Kalayji.  ‘Think bigger, wish bigger, dream bigger, write it down, have a date and execute.”  In the words of... Read More

    Happy clients of Los Cabos Agent: Make the great choice of living in Cabo

    By Nick Fong | March 6, 2020

     We welcome you once again to the Los Cabos Agent headquarters in Cabo San Lucas. There’s something special going on in our offices as we’re doing the monthly birthday celebrations of our brokers today. But also, and most importantly, we’re having another very special celebration:  One of our clients for the last 10 years... Read More