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Cabo Pulmo National Park: Explore this amazing stretch of coastline

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The Sea of Cortez, which offers many wonders under the water, boasts a stunning nest for marine biodiversity called the Cabo Pulmo reef.  This ecological treasure is home to many of the species inhabiting the Sea of Cortez.

Located on the east coast of Baja Californa, Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is an ecological wonder that spans 62 miles. That means, there’s much to discover there.  As such, continue reading to learn more about exploring this magical place in Mexico.

About Cabo Pulmo National Park

Bahía Pulmo within the park is home to the oldest of only three coral reefs that you can find on the west coast of the entire American continent.  This reef boasts hard coral fingers from rock outcroppings near the coast.  And, this area became a national park in 1995. 

Shortly after, it became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2005.  Now that it’s a well-protected site after many years of overfishing and exploitation, it has grown in flora and fauna more than double what it used to be.  You will find quite a flourishing ecosystem with an amazing variety of unique endemic species.

Best season to visit Cabo Pulmo National Park

Cabo Pulmo it’s a great place to visit all-year-round.  Although, the best time to visit Cabo Pulmo is between July and January.  During this time, the north winds aren’t blowing very hard and the water keeps a warm steady temperature of 75-80° F.

The diversity and abundance of marine species in the Cabo Pulmo reef are mainly because it’s in a very special area where warm and cold waters converge.  The tropical Sea of Cortez and the gelid arctic waters meet in this diverse nest of aquatic flora and fauna.

This place is home to more than 200 species of fish and ten species of stony corals.  Added to this, it gets the constant visit of large mammals such as the humpback whale, dolphins, and sea lions.

Where is Cabo Pulmo National Park?

Access the Cabo Pulmo National Park by dirt road 16 miles north of La Ribera.  La Ribera is a small town part of the municipality of Los Cabos, with a population of close to 2000 people.  This place is home to fishermen, workers from the nearby resorts and a small number of ranchers and farmers.

The town is the closest to Cabo Riviera and is part of the “East Cape”.  Also, this beautiful community is located only a 50 minute drive away northeast from the Los Cabos International Airport in San José del Cabo.

Exploring Cabo Pulmo National Park

A jewel in Baja California Sur, this hideaway it’s a unique place that prides itself on conservation, limiting human impact and respecting nature.  A unique opportunity to get close to nature, bringing out your adventurous side.  You’ll find in the village a selection of campsites, basic accommodations, and just a few high-class rooms.

The village runs with solar electricity and well-water.  There are only 4 restaurants in the area and a very limited number of food shops.  Therefore, plan in advance what you might need when visiting this incredible place

Diving in Cabo Pulmo

Plan a day trip from Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo or even La Ribera to dive into the Cabo Pulmo reefs.  Organize the trip yourself if you’re an experienced diver or plan with a dive company if you’re a first-timer!

Two of the recommended reefs to explore are, firstly:  The islet, which is located south of the bay of Cabo Pulmo, it has a maximum depth of 60 feet.  You’ll find yourself impressed by the intense colors of the marine life vividly moving around this promontory of the reef.

Moreover, the Arms of the reef that are located in the middle of the bay, will overwhelm you with an abundance of wildlife.  The reef walls are covered with different types of green and golden colors.  Tons of tropical fish also come and go through the reef, showing their intense colors.

Among the rocks, you can see emerging hedgehog and blowfish.  In the sandy bottom, buried rays are common too.  Definitely, an experience you wouldn’t like to miss!

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