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Check out Danzante Bay: a pure and peaceful oasis in Loreto

Welcome to Danzante Bay, a pure and peaceful oasis that is graced by the Sea of Cortez on an amazing coastline.  In the video, Nick Fong shares his crazy experience searching for a lost $500 USD golf club.  But in this article, learn all about this amazing place situated right in Loreto in Baja California Sur.

Danzante Bay is a retreat for those who do not want to be in a crowded area yet where the views are vast and nature comes alive.  There, watch the sea gulls soar within the breeze over spectacular cliffs and through the canyon stretches.  Then, watch as the dolphins dance through the beautiful sea.

Now, read on to learn more about this magical place north of Cabo in Baja Sur.

Discover the Marine Park

To begin, the Bay of Loreto National Park covers over 2000 square kilometers or around 800 square mile.  It’s an UNESCO World Heritage site and it includes many islands: Danzante Island, Monserrat Island, Del Carmen Island, Santa Catalina Island, and Coronado Island.

Coined as “the world’s aquarium” by Jacques Cousteau, this amazing place is home to more than 850 species and it supports the largest and most diverse population of whales in the world. The protected waters of the bay are calm, allowing for naps on paddle boards and peaceful wades with little ones.

About the town of Loreto

Surrounded by many protected lands and waters, Loreto is undeniably special.  Boasting a rich culture, there’s an undeniable energy that draws you in.  Being the oldest Spanish colony in the Californias, it was founded on orders from the Spanish king by Jesuit missionaries in 1697.  Today, this amazing town is home to 15,000 friendly residents and visitors who found this place decades before anyone else did.

In Loreto, the original mission church still stands in the historic central square.  There, listen to the music as it drifts along cobblestone roads that lead visitors to small shops that overflow with local arts.  Also, these roads take visitors to restaurants that burst with the bright flavors of world-famous Mexican cuisine.

What to expect at Danzante Bay

First, there’s an ever-expanding Loreto International Airport (LTO) that provides direct flights from Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, San Diego from Tijuana, and Calgary.  That makes it easily accessible from all major cities in the U.S. and Canada. The Private Terminal (FBO) is a brand new facility offering all the support services needed for private aviation. Once you’ve touched down, it’s only 35- minutes to the peaceful waters of Danzante Bay.

Nick Fong’s take on real estate in Loreto

Today, Loreto is like a time machine taking you back 30 years. To explain, it has all the infrastructure, attractions, and activities already in place, just like Cabo did 30 years ago, before growing to what it is today. Because of that, Loreto is now showing up on the radar of both travelers and investors alike. To explain the growing interest in Loreto, it not only has an international airport, but the Danzante Bay Golf Course resides there, and of course the beautiful downtown area being so rich with culture and history.

While Nick Fong has been keeping an eye on the master-planned community of Danzante Bay, he now sees it as a gauge that reveals how Loreto is about to grow tremendously over the next 20 to 30 years. For example, Danzante Bay boasts the only PGA TPC golf course in all of Mexico, bringing international attention to this beautiful Mexican town. Also, Danzante Bay provides the exquisite Villa del Palmar resort, which is quite popular now. And with travelers coming in regularly, that popularity will only increase over time.

Baja California Sur real estate

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