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Coco Bongo in Cabo: One of the most famous nightclubs and the best place to party in Cabo

Welcome to Coco Bongo, definitely one of the top-5 nightclubs in all of Cabo. The enticing vibe of this place comes from the crazy and fun experience it offers every night.  Because of the reason mentioned before, this incredible night club has been for many years a reference of the Cabo nightlife.  The Coco Bongo experience attracts visitors from all around the world, all year round!  And you don’t have to worry about being left out of the party as this place has a capacity for more than a thousand people inside and it’s perfectly located in downtown Cabo, making it a safe and fun spot to be. This important nightclub also has a multi-level architecture specially designed so that everyone can enjoy the combination of playlists with music from the ’70s & the ’80s, dance, hip-hop, and even reggaeton on each of these levels. Plus from every floor you can always enjoy  the different shows scheduled during the night. Definitely, this nightclub is the place to be when visiting Cabo San Lucas, don’t miss out on Coco Bongo in Cabo and learn more about this place reading this post.

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Coco Bongo in Cabo

Coco Bongo isn’t the traditional crazy nightclub you’d expect. Instead, thousands of travelers fill up this place every night to witness nonstop performances from acrobats, conga lines, live bands, and musician impersonators. So, expect on a typical night at Coco Bongo projected videos, balloons, soap bubbles and confetti. With over 40 shows in total, expect something different and amazing every night, and all performed by local talent.

A bit of background

This bar was first opened more than 20 years ago in Mexico city, developing this concept around coastal famous cities in Mexico. Coco Bongo has the latest technology in audio and video, plus the dancers and different dancing floors they have that create an incredible environment and experience of wild fun in Cabo. Expect in this place three things: Great fun in an environment full of streamer bubbles, confetti, and the best music. Thanks to new flights offered straight to the brand new Cabo airport plus the growing tourist offer in the area a Coco Bongo nightclub came to Los Cabos to enrich the entertainment market of the city. The club welcomes visitors daily from 10:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. Be prepared to pay a sizable cover charge for entry: online ticket prices range from $80 to $195, but prices include unlimited local and international drinks to choose from 10:30 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. That gives you plenty of time to have lots of fun and dance all night long!

Amazing nightlife experience

Our first recommendation would be: Don’t come to Coco Bongo if you just want to dance to a DJ or radio’s modern music. Cabo is packed with clubs of the type mentioned before, you’ll definitely have a handful. But the point here is to try the actual Coco Bongo experience. So, if you’re seeking some stage antics and endless performances, Coco Bongo is definitely worth a try. Most visitors always say that they had a great night at Coco Bongo.  Enjoy a nonstop blend of cocktails and dancers, where there’s no traditional dance floor, and most definitely, no traditional party time!

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