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Discover the cost of a beach home in Baja California’s La Paz versus San Diego

Joining Nick Fong of Ronival Real Estate, Gary Massa, a real estate agent from San Diego, California,  compares the cost of a beach home.  Recently, Nick invited Gary up to Paraiso del Mar in La Paz, just north of Cabo.  Right away, during the process of comparing the cost of a beach house, the two of them quickly discovered even more to compare.  As an example, while San Diego has Coronado Island right in front of it, La Paz has El Mogote facing the city too – La Paz.

In the video, Nick joins Gary in La Paz to start discussing their comparisons.  At a beach house for sale at the premier La Paz resort, Paraiso del Mar, Nick and Gary sit down and talk about the differences.  Paraiso del Mar is a tropical-island paradise nestled within a 1700-acre natural preserve across the bay from La Paz.  And when Gary talks about how La Paz is similar to where he’s from, the comparisons begin.  Therefore, continue reading to learn about the cost of a beach home and how the comparison between San Diego and La Paz pans out.

Differences between San Diego and La Paz

As he describes his drive into La Paz and then into Paraiso del Mar, Gary compares this experience to San Diego, his home town.  According to Gary, it was like he was coming into paradise, which is what Paraiso means in Spanish.  Also, he mentioned that it reminds him of many places back home.  As a follow-up, he asks Nick if he’s been to Balboa Island or Coronado Island in the past.  Then, Gary talks about the marina and the ferry boats, which both locations have in common.

Similar to Coronado Island facing San Diego, there’s a peninsula that is opposite La Paz called El Mogote.  Though it is a peninsula, it looks and feels just like an island, which is exactly why it hosts Paraiso del Mar.  El Mogote provides an island-like experience near the great town of La Paz.

The Coronado Island – El Mogote Comparison

During his discussion about communities of both Balboa Island and Coronado Island compared to those of Paraiso del Mar on El Mogote, Gary brings up some interesting points.  To begin, Paraiso is an exclusive, luxury beach community.  That means it’s more private and protected.  Most of the island communities off of San Diego are more open to the public.

When he brings up another point, Gary mentions that El Mogote is more sparsely populated.  In other words, El Mogote is much more peaceful.  Also, the landscape around Paraiso del Mar is very natural and pristine.  As such, the drive from La Paz to Paraiso del Mar is simply spectacular.  And, it boasts panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez.

Comparing Golf Courses

Coronado Island’s most treasured assets is The Coronado Municipal Golf Course. First opened back in 1957, it’s been rated as one of the best public golf courses in the United States.  That being said, this golf course puts up a tough comparison indeed.

Paraiso del Mar in La Paz answers the call with a spectacular 18-hole championship golf course.  It was chosen as one of the Top New International Courses by Golf Digest back in 2009.  To put it simply, that’s a comparison worth comparing!

The final Comparison: The cost of a beach home

To speak about the beautiful beach home where Nick Fong and Gary Massa met to record the video, it is for sale for $1.2M.   Although homes on Coronado Island don’t sit on the beach like this one, they start out at $3.5M for something similar.  Doing the math, that’s about three times the price!  And when you consider the peaceful setting, less traffic, and everything you need nearby including the Los Cabos International Airport, what more is there to compare?

Baja California Sur real estate

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