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Discover great vacation rentals in Cabo and Baja California Sur

Welcome to the place in Los Cabos where all of your vacation needs are all taken care of by Ronival Property Management.  For a quick summary, they provide property preparation for the arrivals, guest welcoming, concierge services, and customer constant communication. They work hard so you can relax and enjoy yourself on your Los Cabos vacation!

After choosing your amazing vacation rental from Ronival Property Management, you will always get the best.  To explain, from the moment you arrive to the time of your check-out, you will have an experience that is filled with real hospitality.  As such, Ronival Property Management and their team always pride themselves on hospitality and service.

Now, read on to discover more and to see what your best options are for you vacation in Cabo.

Specializing in hospitality services

The staff at Ronival Property Management are specially trained in hospitality.  They study the vacation market and the latest tools that are used in the hospitality field.  That means, they really know what they are doing.  As such, their services ensure that you have a much more satisfied with your vacation and are more likely to return regularly.

Discover the amazing Vista Vella Penthouse

As you’ll see in the video, Ana from Ronival Property Management presents an amazing Penthouse condo.  It’s located within Vista Vela of Cabo San Lucas.  Joined by two special clients, Tana and Tom, they have owned this condo since 2019, which they recently decided to provide as a vacation rental.

As they explain, they had asked Ronival Property Management to manage their beautiful vacation rental.  So now, it’s available for vacation renters to enjoy to the fullest in Los Cabos.

In the video, see a tour of this superb penthouse condo.  As you’ll see, from the elegant appliances, decorations, fixtures and furnishings, to the contemporary and wide-open layout, you will be very pleased indeed.

Vacation at Casa del Sol in Los Cabos

Check out the video as Silvia Ruiz from Ronival Property Management presents the wonderful Casa del Sol, a high-end vacation rental in Los Cabos.  Casa del Sol isn’t simply a condo.  This is an amazing ocean-view penthouse.

Situated within the luxurious residential community of Vista Vela in Los Cabos, this penthouse provides three bedrooms and four bathrooms.  And, it is just a five minute walk from Costco.  As you’ll see in the video, this vacation rental is tastefully decorated, and can accommodate up to six adults including yourself.

Check out El Pedregal’s Casa Fuente

In the video, Brenda from Ronival Property Management presents Casa Fuente, gorgeous three-bedroom residence at El Pedregal.   See just how beautiful this residence really is in video.  During the video, see the great views of Cabo San Lucas bay, right from the master bedroom.  The entire space is laid out very well and it has awesome decor that will inspire you.

Los Cabos safety during the pandemic

Safety really does come first, According to the state’s tourism secretary, Luis Humberto Araiza. As an example, all hotels and restaurants are limited to 50% capacity, visitors’ temperatures are taken before entering and masks are mandatory everywhere.

To start out, it’s important to understand the most important detail these days, which is the safety practices in Cabo.  They are truly top-notch.  As we all know, last year was very tough indeed.

It was a difficult year for all of us!  As such, we have learned to use extensive precautions in public.  Cabo is no exception, as the towns within Cabo, like Cabo San Lucas, have learned how to rise above the problem.

Constantly monitoring the situation in Cabo, the local police and inspectors are always on-the-ball, according to Araiza.  On top of that, those local officials are helping pay for the widespread testing of tourist-industry employees.  Baja California Sur is second only to Mexico City for coronavirus testing, as Araiza reveals.

Rocio Montaño – Director of Ronival Property Management

Wife and business partner of Nick Fong, the founder of Ronival, Rocio Montaño is the Property Management Director of Ronival Property Management.  Additionally, they founded Ronival Property Management back in 2007.  Their intension was to help you find the Cabo home of your dreams and to take the load off by managing that home with a quality professional service.

Thank you for reading Discover great vacation rentals in Cabo and Baja California Sur. Be sure to read other posts about Cabo and Baja California Sur on the Ronival blog. There, learn about the many wonderful aspects of Baja California Sur, Mexico, from blog posts like this.

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