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Discover the amazing ecotourism in Los Cabos

If ecotourism is what you seek and your curiosity about intriguing ecological wonders drives you, this article is for you. You’re about to embark on a “virtual” ecotour in Los Cabos that will truly wet your apatite. Also, it’ll give you something to look forward to once arriving in Los Cabos.

Being one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico provides the best in hospitality. Also, it provides the best in everything else most visitors love to experience.  But that’s not all.  As you’ll see, Los Cabos ecotourism rapidly growing being that there’s so much to see throughout the area.

Read on to discover what makes Los Cabos ecotourism so great.

Release of the Los Cabo Sea turtles

Each and every summer, starting near or in June, the beaches of southern Baja are home to one of the most amazing moments on the Sea of Cortez.  Several different species of Cabo Sea turtles return ashore to dig out their nests.  Then, in a blink of an eye, thousands of their younglings are born.  After that, they will make their way across the white sand to begin their life at sea.

Starting in the year 2000, the city council of Los Cabos has been operating a sea turtle conservation program through the ‘’Tortuguero Camp.’’  It started out by protecting seven miles of coastline for the turtles to nest safely.  Now, it covers 60 miles of beaches!  Of course, the goal is to cover the 110 miles that the Municipality has of beaches in the future.  Today, the beaches of Los Cabos are considered of most importance in all of Mexico.

Los Cabos Hot Springs

Los Cabos has some hidden gems when it comes to natural thermal springs that bubble up from the deep.  Locals have known about the Los Cabos hot springs for many years.  In the early 1900s, a large spring was discovered in East Cape on a ranch in the village of Buena Vista south of Los Barriles. This is just a half-hour drive north from San José del Cabo!  It was 1940 when one of the Governors of the Southern Territory in Baja bought a ranch to build a large hacienda overlooking the Sea of Cortez.  He knew about the thermal spring nearby and piped this water into his home, creating his own private spa.  The rest is history!

Come Los Cabos whale watching

Come watch some of the largest creatures on Earth in their natural habitat.  The Sea of Cortez has been a prime birthing spot for Humpback whales for centuries.  First, the whales feed and grow in the cold waters of the Arctic sea during the summer.  Then, they make their way down to Baja California to mate and nurse their young.  In the spring, the whales head north once again, now with their brood.  But, it’s before they leave when they offer the unique experience to see these majestic animals in their natural habitat.

Snorkeling in and around Los Cabos

One of Cabo’s best-kept secrets is it’s great locations for snorkeling.  Much of the coastline is made up of beautiful sandy beaches, with fairly featureless sea floors.  But, there are a few locations that are simply spectacular for snorkeling.  From the great abundance of sea life, to the beautiful rocky and coral-rich sea floors in these select locations, you will not be disappointed.

See the Sea lions in Los Cabos

Little is spoken about one of the most impressive experiences that you can have in the Cabo: Meeting sea lions! Without a doubt, this will turn out to be a special occasion for everyone who joins you, especially little kids!

Find the sea lions in Land’s End in Cabo San Lucas at the famous arch, one of the great attractions in Cabo.  The Arch of Cabo San Lucas is an outstanding rock formation. It’s carved by time and salt standing in the currents right between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez.

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