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Exhilaration on the water in Los Cabos and throughout Baja Sur PART 2

Check out Baja Sur, which includes Cabo, a truly spectacular destination for your next vacation.  In this second article, uncover even more of the amazing water-based activities for you to experience for yourself.  As you’ll see, Cabo and Baja Sur attracts many visitors every year from all over the world.

All around Baja Sur, the water is the center of attention for all who visit.  Fortunately, you’ll find quite a variety of great water activities on the Pacific Ocean and the famous Sea of Cortez surrounding Baja Sur.  So from relaxing activities such as sunset cruises to more thrilling sports like kite surfing, bring your family and friends to Baja Sur.

Together, let’s explore some of the amazing water activities around Cabo and all of Baja Sur, so keep reading…

La Ventana is a famous kite-boarding destination

From October to May, the conditions at La Ventana are perfect for kite-boarding.  In fact, this destination is now famous for it.  The winds are steady and consistent for most of the year.  And, the water is warm and calm, which makes for a smooth ride.  Then in the summer, fishing is out-of-this-world!  From world-class sport fishing, to the biggest fishing competitions in the world, the excitement never ends.

Cerralvo Island REVEALED

Cerralvo Island, or Jacques Cousteau Island is one of the largest islands in the region.  And, It is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, so it’s a protected site.  Located just off the Cerralvo Canal coast near La Paz in Baja California Sur, this island is about 18 miles long and has an area of 136.498 square kilometers.  Also, it is the ninth-largest island in Mexico.

Although this island is protected by UNESCO, the beaches are great and you’ll find some great biking and hiking trails there.  Therefore, this island is a wonderful place to visit with all of your friends and family.

The best spots for surfing in Cabo

Surfers discovered Cabo as a formidable surfing location as early as the 1950s.  After that, the filming of surfing events and the exploration for the perfect spot to surf by several famous surfers was the milestone for Cabo to become an important spot for surfing.

Every year, surfers with different skill levels travel to the warm weather in Cabo to enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific.  When you’re on the water waiting for a wave to ride, no matter the beach, you’ll be surrounded by surfers from countries all around the world.

Acapulquito for rookies

Located in San José del Cabo, Acapulquito offers calm waves for beginners.  And, you can even take classes if you’re interested.  There’re several places to choose from and a lot of experts ready to teach you the basics of this ancient sport. Being a very peaceful beach, it’s ideal for everyone looking to experience surfing as a rookie.

Los Cerritos for intermediate

Due to its easy access, Los Cerritos is one of the most popular spots for surfing in Cabo.  It offers a place for both resting and surfing.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, this is a great location to surf.  Although, expect some high and fast waves there.  So, be careful if you’re a first-timer!

Monumentos for endurance

Monumentos is ideal for surfers that’re up to a challenging experience.  There, you’ll find a beautiful beach with an amazing view.  And, the rocks delimiting the surroundings raise the bar to a complicated level of surfing.  With waves that reach over two meters high, and a rocky bottom, clearly, the Monumentos area is only for experts. This magnificent place is just 10-minutes from Cabo San Lucas, right in front of The Cape Hotel.

La Pastora for masters of the waves

About an hour from Cabo San Lucas, you’ll find La Pastora, which is definitely a great place for surfing in Cabo.  Being a not-so-easy-to-find hideaway, this spot definitely deserves a visit.  If you’ll surf here, be prepared!  As the rocky bottom and the big waves during winter makes it a rather difficult challenge.

Whether you want to learn to surf or you’re already an expert, Los Cabos is the best place for your next vacation!

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