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Experience Louis XIII, the exclusive tasting and sailing Cabo adventure

Nick Fong, the founder of Los Cabos Agent, is a real estate broker who takes on a new adventure enjoying a unique sailing experience.  Going on board with Patrick Stedt, this is an exclusive Cognac tasting-and-sailing adventure for selective tastes.  Embarking on this voyage with a small group and starting in Cabo’s Marina, this experience is exquisite.  This is something you don’t want to miss when in Cabo.  So, continue reading to learn all about the Louis XIII exclusive tasting and sailing Cabo adventure on the seas of Cabo!

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The luxurious Louis XIII experience

Originally created in 1874, the Louis XIII cognac is an inimitable blend of up to 1,200 champagne wine spirits.  Slowly aged in an oak barrel, this is a special drink indeed.  And, each bottle is individually numbered.  The design of this special bottle was inspired by the original 16th-century metal flask, discovered in France.  For several generations, these handmade bottles are the result of the glass-blowing work from some of the most talented glassmakers on Earth.

Sail in style

First, enjoy a beautiful stroll around the Cabo San Lucas Marina while you make your way aboard the Louis XIII.  There you’ll be welcomed by the professional staff that is always ready to make the best out of your time aboard.  The captain himself will introduce you to the luxurious yacht.  And, he’ll ask you if you’re ready for a good time.

Then, prepare yourself for the fine aroma of flowers highlighting jasmine and sandalwood and fruits such as figs and dates.  Also, get ready for a bouquet of spices, ginger, ground nutmeg, and passion fruit that are wrapped in elegant aromas of vanilla.  Of course, we’re talking about the very special drink you’ll have during your trip:  A Remy Martin cognac that was aged for 100 years!

To dive even further into the description of this amazing drink, observe in it an intense mahogany color.  Also, it’s clean and very bright with high adhesion and density.  This is a delicate taste, of a fine and long bouquet with a one-hour long aftertaste. That’ll be just about the time this cruise trip will take around the greatest spots in Cabo San Lucas bay.  There, discover the famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas, a 200-foot arch-like rock formation that marks the boundary between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.  Also, this is a place you’ll truly love to take some pictures.

About Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a big city with many opportunities for fun and adventure.  It’s in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, the southernmost part of Baja.  One of the most noteworthy characteristics here is its uniqueness.  In other words, let’s say this place is the land extension that divides the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez.  And as a result, it provides an opportunity to experience a varied ecosystem and fauna of the place. It even was once named by the famous explorer Jacques Cousteau, the “aquarium of the world.’’  Hence, its named for being home of an incredible variety of marine wildlife.  Cheers for adventure!  So, come along on this sailing adventure with some fancy caviar and a 100-year aged Remy Martin cognac.

Los Cabos real estate

Many Americans, Canadians, and people from other countries choose to make Los Cabos, Mexico, their home or vacation home.  So, discover how to purchase your dream home in Los Cabos, Mexico by inquiring with the top Real Estate Broker in Los Cabos: Nick Fong, who’s been featured many times on HGTV’s Beachfront Bargain Hunt.

See Nick Fong in action on his Los Cabos Agent YouTube Channel.  His videos are posted on the Los Cabos Agent VLOG, where you can read a short, yet in-depth post.  Below is an example of one of Nick Fong’s Los Cabos Agent videos:

Visit Los Cabos soon

Thank you for reading Experience Louis XIII, the exclusive tasting and sailing Cabo adventure, written by Greg Hixon of RE/MEX Image.  Be sure to read other posts about Los Cabos on the Los Cabos Agent blog. There, learn about the many wonderful aspects of Los Cabos, Mexico, from blog posts like this.

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