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Nick Fong interviews Jacinto Avalos, builder of the most beautiful homes in Cabo

Watch Nick Fong of Ronival Real Estate as he interviews Jacinto Avalos, a prominent resident in Cabo who is responsible for the most beautiful homes in Cabo.  In this episode two, Nick meets up with Jacinto in his spectacular home, Casa Sin Nombre, which means “House without a name.”  During the interview, they discuss renaming the house so it has a real name.  Nick arrived with a name in mind, but will reveal the name toward the end of the interview.

Back in the first episode, Nick toured the house on video and discussed its various characteristics.  After that, Nick decided to find a real name for this spectacular home in Cabo.  Therefore, keep reading to discover the new name.  Plan to be inspired by what Jacinto Avalos has accomplished.

Jacinto Avalos’ remarkable design inspiration

Nick and Jacinto join up at Jacinto’s house, Casa Sin Nombre.  It was designed and built by Jacinto himself, and he is also a co-owner.  Nick intends to find out more about Jacinto and his design inspiration behind this amazing house.

Nick refers to Casa Sin Nombre as an architectural masterpiece.  It has many fabulous features to get excited about.  From the elegant sliding pocket doors to the kitchen and the barbeque area, watch the video as Nick reveals just how amazing this house really is.

During the interview, Nick asks Jacinto one simple question:  What was Jacinto’s thought process during the design of Casa Sin Nombre.  In response, Jacinto tells Nick that there are three elements that go into a design.  He explains that if you can resolve all three elements, you will end up with something harmonious and positive.

There are three primary design elements according to Jacinto Avalos

Jacinto reveals his three design elements.  His first element was flexibility.  He didn’t have a buyer for the home when he designed it, so he had to imagine who that might be.  Like an expensive new suit, it needs to be fitted and adjusted – it needs to be flexible.

The second design element is the construction site.  For example, Jacinto always makes the most out of the views when he plans each space.  Then he considers the climate, which in Cabo, is an advantage all-year-round.  Finally, he considers the position of the sun throughout the year.  Providing good natural light along with shade are to considerations regarding the sun.

At the end of the list, number three, is Jacinto Avalos’ understanding of architectural language.  He uses the architectural language that is appropriate for resort homes in Cabo.

How Casa Sin Nombre is situated

Regarding the topography of the lot, where Casa sin Nombre was built, a three-level home was appropriate.  And having it on three levels is advantageous.  To explain, no matter where you are in the house, you have great panoramic views.

Discover Jacinto Avalos and his family

Originally from Mexico City, Jacinto Avalos and his family have lived in Cabo ever since the mid 1990’s.  They moved to Cabo to accomplish their many goals in life.  And, their children were toddlers at that time, so they were a young family ready to make a difference in Mexico.

Jacinto Avalos and Cecilia had idealistic life goals

When they first arrived in Cabo, Jacinto Avalos and his wife Cecilia started looking for a new project.  They wanted to build something that had to do with the education of children or family life.  Jacinto called his original goals “idealistic” when speaking with Nick on the sofa inside Casa Sin Nombre.  He said that they wanted to help Mexico develop in a different (better) way.

Background of Jacinto Avalos

To begin, Jacinto Avalos is an architect first and foremost.  But then, there’s much more than that.  He’s an Urban Designer, which is where his passion lies.

Jacinto tells people that he arrived in Cabo “at the end of the beginning and at the beginning of the end.”  What he meant by that is this…Cabo was still a set of small fishing villages.  The town was well established, but there was no development going on.

Explaining further, Jacinto goes on to reveal just how un-developed Cabo really was 35 years ago.  As such, he reminisces about how Cabo didn’t have elephone service, supermarkets, and other essential city infrastructure like we expect these days.  But at that time, Jacinto and Cecilia were blessed by the pristine, untouched nature that surrounded them.  It was a paradise without hotels.

Learn what changes Cabo has experienced over the last 35 years?

Growing up from a small fishing village to a monster tourist city, Cabo San Lucas is now a top destination throughout the world.  Nick asks Jacinto what two things really stand out, regarding the growth of Cabo – how has Cabo changed over the last 35 years?

To begin, Jacinto Avalos talks about how Cabo has some wonderful resorts throughout the region.   The resorts in Cabo have been attracting people from around the world for decades now.

Next, Jacinto mentions how Cabo offers many great activities, all-year-round, for visitors having both small and large budgets.  No matter your taste or interest, Cabo has something great to offer you, when you visit.

The many activities in Cabo according to Jacinto Avalos

While speaking with Nick Fong, Jacinto lists the many activities there are in Cabo.  From the desert, the Pacific Ocean, and the Sea of Cortez, the list is long.  Jacinto focuses on the important ones in this unbelievable area called Cabo in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

From beach activities like beach combing, horseback riding, and surfing to water activities like fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving, Cabo is a dream-come-true.  Then there’s golf.  Cabo offers both desert and ocean-front golf courses throughout the area, most of which are Championship Golf Courses.

The many projects in Cabo over the last 35 years

During their conversation, Jacinto reveals that his top priority is not to make a buck.  He tells Nick that his highest priority is to create lifestyles for people.  To elaborate, he wants to create environments that make people happy.  Interestingly, he sees his role as a vocation.  As such, he serves the community by providing great service.

Jacinto reveals during their conversation that he’s been involved with 80 to over 90 projects throughout Cabo over the last almost 30 to 35 years.  As a humble gesture, Jacinto refers to his clients as “patients.”  This is because the word “client” refers to a commercial relationship.  Jacinto sees his relationships as more personal.  He’s there to serve them, being a “service-oriented” person.  He’s the doctor resolving their issues.

Today, Jacinto Avalos is designing Condos and homes throughout Cabo.  Also, he’s designing come beautiful commercial properties.  As such, he’s still very actively completing his idealistic life goals.

Los Cabos Pedregal in Cabo

A premier master-planned community, Los Cabos Pedregal is located near El Arco de Cabo San Lucas: The arch that marks Lands End.  This amazing place offers the best of the old-world Mexico integrated into a very modern environment.  When you’re there, enjoy spectacular ocean and mountain views, charming cobblestone streets and modern amenities that are all part of a casual, tropical-living experience you’ll keep deep in your heart.

Over the years, Jacinto Avalos has performed many projects within Los Cabos Pedregal, where he and his family currently live.  According to Jacinto, Pedregal is the most premium place to live in Cabo.  To explain, it’s well managed, it has 24-hour security, there’s a water desalinization plant, and it boasts pure luxury throughout.  Casa Sin Nombre is located there.

Within Los Cabos Pedregal alone, Jacinto has designed and built 30 to 35 homes.  When you consider there are around 400 homes there in total, that’s quite amazing.  What a significant percentage of the homes in Los Cabos Pedregal that were build by Jacinto.

The renaming of Casa Sin Nombre

During the first episode, Nick Fong asked his viewers to submit name suggestions.  Afterwards, the turnout was excellent.  To explain, there were dozens of name suggestions that came in.  And the one name that Nick really liked was Casa Mar y Fuego, which means “House of Sea and Fire.”  Jacinto really liked that name, so he said yes.  But he did recommend one small change to the name.  Jacinto said to replace Casa with the word Villa.  Now, Villa Mar y Fuego is the new name to replace “Casa Sin Nombre.”

Baja California Sur real estate

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