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Los Cabos COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted

Now that Los Cabos COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted, it is important to understand what to expect when you visit Cabo.  The great news is, hotels are reopening, using full safety and health protocols.  Therefore, see what is open and what is still closed, and of course COVID-19 statistics and recommendations to help you have a fun and safe visit to Los Cabos.

Cabo is now fully certified by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) as a Safe Destination.  Also, Cabo has already reopened to international tourism.  The phased reopening of Cabo started on June 15th, with the reopening of hotels, beaches, sports fishing, transportation, restaurants and tours and activities.  The hotels that are now reopen operate with new health and hygiene protocols in place.  Also, since Los Cabos COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted, the beaches are now open, and many businesses are reopening each and every day.

Los Cabos COVID-19 restrictions easing up

Los Cabos COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted further during the first week of September, 2020.  This includes all of Baja California Sur, the southern Mexican State on the Baja peninsula, according to the Ministry of Health.  As the state moves from level 5, or critical risk, to level 4, which is considered high risk on the state’s health alert system, Los Cabos COVID-19 restrictions will continue to ease up.

On Monday, August 31st, businesses will be able to operate at 40% capacity, which is up from 30%.  Then, churches, gymnasiums, and movie theaters may also reopen next week for the first time in five months – great news!

Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis announcement

The easing of Los Cabos COVID-19 restrictions is coming from the fact that the epidemiological curve has plateaued in Baja California Sur, according to Mexican officials.  Carlos Mendoza Davis, the Governor of Baja California Sur, stated on Friday afternoon “Thanks to the responsibility and sacrifices of thousands of people, today we are taking another step towards reopening,”

His announcement was great news for all of the tourist resort towns of Baja California Sur, which had the second-highest hotel occupancy in the country between August 10 and 16, according to the Mexican Tourism Minister Miguel Torruco when he tweeted about this last week.  Puerto Vallarta led the nation at 29.3% occupancy, while Los Cabos came in a close second at 27.4%.

COVID-19 latest statistics

As of August 27th, the Mexican federal government reported 7,276 accumulated cases of the COVID-19 in Baja California Sur, as well as 337 deaths.  Of course, the numbers are different from what the state has published.  Accrding to the Baja California Sur website, which says it is updated in real time, 7,193 COVID-19 cases have been reported and 370 deaths.  At least the numbers are fairly close.

Baja events update

Normally scheduled for September 6 to September 8, Loreto’s patron saint festivities, along with the religious, civic and cultural activities and a statue of the Virgin of Loreto is paraded through the city’s streets as the townspeople gather along the parade route.  But this year, the parade and all other religious services will be carried out online – virtually.  During this time, residents are urged to stay in their homes.  In Cabo, November’s popular international gastronomic festival, “Sabor a Cabo” will not take place this year due to COVID-19.

Each year, well over 3,000 people normally attend the festival which kicks off the start of the high season in Cabo.   There, attendees sample the many dishes from 60 different restaurants.  Also, they sample drinks from tequila and mezcal distillers along with local wineries.  The profits go to charities such as the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation and the Red Cross.

The festival’s organizing committee said sponsors have dropped out so it will refocus its efforts on bringing a new and improved version of the festival to Los Cabos in 2021, possibly organizing around a Day of the Dead theme.

Animal welfare affected by COVID-19

Los Cabos Animal welfare activists are now saying that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have seen a 35% increase in homeless pets and a 90% reduction in donations, which has caused them to cut their staff down to just four employees – bare minimum.

Armando Martínez, the director of the Los Cabos Humane Society, said that there may be as many as 90,000 lost pets roaming the streets now.  He further stated that support from municipal government is nonexistent, even though one of Mayor Armida Castro’s campaign promises was to protect animals.  Finally, he stated that the organization is on the brink of collapse.  This would be a great time to donate!

Los Cabos COVID-19 restrictions eased in La Paz

Agustín Olachea Nogueda, the president of the Hotel and Tourism Association in La Paz, mentioned just this week that Los Cabos COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted for the beaches in the municipality.  He said that they could potentially reopen, but by reservation only through an official app. According to him, “This application is new, and it will be the only one in the country.  The application will also give excellent control to ensure the health of visitors to the beaches, and make it easy to control access to beaches.”

The announcement was met with consternation by La Paz residents who had many questions about how the app would be administered. They expressed concerns about whether a hotel could simply block out all available appointments for their guests and that access to the beaches would be limited to people who have smartphones. Some called it a step toward privatizing beaches in the municipality, El Sudcaliforniano reported.  Of course, that is quite a stretch of the imagination.

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