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Uncover why Nick Fong and his two guests share such a love for Baja

On this next presentation of The Nick Fong PODCAST, Nick joins his two special guests, Aaron Cuha and Greg Willis, to demonstrate their love for Baja. Aaron is a traveler and member of @Tom Ferry’s organization and Greg Willis is the sales manager for Ronival Real Estate. In this episode, they sit down with Nick to reveal what life is like in Baja Sur. As such, they open up about both how it was and now how it is living and traveling in the beautiful Mexican State of Baja California Sur.

With Cabo San Lucas to the south, and La Paz and Loreto just to the north, Baja is a magical place, as Greg mentions at the beginning of the video. As you’ll see, you really must go there to truly understand the absolute draw and magnetism you experience there, first hand. Then, you’ll know exactly why so many people arrive for their visit and never leave. Now, keep reading to uncover why Nick Fong, Greg Willis, and Aaron Cuha love this place so much.

How Aaron Cuha discovered Baja

As Aaron describes during the introduction of the PODCAST, he first came to Cabo San Lucas on the southern end of Baja when he was only eight. Apparently, he was a little out of control. So, his dad took him there for some serious deep sea fishing to make a man out of him, basing this on a story by Earnest Hemmingway. When you think about it, that’s quite a good sign. Most eight-year-olds are not independent. Aaron, on the other hand, just needed some guidance, as his drive to get out there and do things was pretty remarkable.

After catching not one, but two Marlin, along with his dad catching a Durado, Aaron was well on his way. But then, he ended up getting lost in town until midnight. As such, his dad enlisted the police to help find him. Now, Aaron calls that experience “awesome,” so he must have had quite an adventure exploring Cabo all by himself. In the end, that made him fall in love with Baja.

That started a new page in his life. Returning every year, Baja eventually became his home.

Greg Willis’ Baja story

Arriving on a boat for the first time in 1981, Greg Willis had never heard about Baja. Before starting collage, he was out walking near the marina in San Diego and saw a boat named “Cabo Fever.” As his friend explained, unless you go there, you’ll never understand. Thus, he took the challenge and booked a boat ride to Cabo San Lucas.

He’ll never forget the moment he arrived. He’d never seen anything like it. As his boat passed by the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, and he entered the bay, he became mesmerized. As he says in the video, he discovered that there are so many activities and adventure to experience there in Baja. It definitely lit his candle, in his own words. He went back the next year, he moved there, and he never looked back.

Originally a boat captain in Cabo, now 40 years later, Greg Willis manages the sales staff for the number one and fastest growing real estate organization is Baja Sur…Ronival Real Estate, founded by Nick Fong.

The awesome Mexican people of Baja

While Nick Fong, Greg Willis and Aaron Cuha continue on with their conversation, there’s a theme that quickly emerges – the Mexican people of Baja are truly awesome! In the video, each of them share stories about how helpful and friendly the locals really are. As all three of them explain, they just don’t have ulterior motives. And, they want to share time and experience freely. That’s amazing!

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Baja California Sur real estate

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