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Medano Beach: Discover paradise in Los Cabos

Medano Beach is the center of tourism in Los Cabos.  It is home to the most exclusive resorts and it hosts a handful of palapa-shaded bars and restaurants for you and your family to enjoy.  This beach is usually crowded with people looking to have a good time, as it is the go-to location for water-based activities in Cabo.  Those who visit really enjoying the beach and this location is no exception.  There, rent a kayak or a paddleboard to have an awesome time in such a special place.

Called “Playa el Medano” in Spanish, Medano Beach offers tourists and visitors from all over the world a refuge full of natural beauty and aquatic tranquility.  This exotic place at the southern tip of Baja is more than a beach! It offers many options, including water skiing, tourist shops, and boat rides.  Continue reading to learn all the options for you and your family to enjoy at this famous place.  Discover Medano Beach, the paradise in Los Cabos!

Medano Beach is in Cabo San Lucas

The pristine and bright blue image of this astonishing attraction, Medano Beach holds a unique culture that remains true to the roots of Mexico.  This is exactly what keeps bringing beach lovers and adventurous travelers to this place.  The beach is perfect for families and friends of all ages, and it promises an unforgettable experience.  It’s a very colorful place, excellent for photographs.  Let yourself be amazed by these views!

Great activities at Medano Beach

Medano Beach is the best place to do water-based activities in Cabo San Lucas.  Ranging from getting a ride in kayaks and jet-skis to using paddleboards.  Also, added to these activities its also offered parasailing tours on the beach.  Undoubtedly, it allows the adventurous to experience incredible views of Land’s End from hundreds of feet in the air.

Along with this, this place is considered one of the most swimming-friendly and you can also rent a shade and chairs or bring your own, options are endless!  Enjoy the nice warm weather that goes from 80 to 90° F on this beach.  If you’re a laid-back kind of person, there’s also relaxing activities for you.  In the most popular beach in Cabo San Lucas, accomplish your dreams and get a massage as cheap as $20 the hour.  Or, if you prefer, get a peaceful boat ride along the beach and enjoy the view.  With calm waters, most of the time, different types of boats are waiting for you to take a ride.

Feed your appetite

Dig your toes in the sand while you enjoy delicious stews and great drinks from the Cabo region.  This beach offers a diverse group of amazing restaurants located beachside.   There, enjoy everything from seafood and Mexican specialties to American favorites like hamburgers and chicken wings.  Medano Beach Club Cabo is one of the more popular dining spots on the beach, with their specialty being seafood.  Also,  Edith’s Restaurant is located just off Medano Beach and has long been a fine dining place with everything you might be looking for to eat.

Enjoy a drink on Medano Beach

The bars located along Medano Beach are truly exciting.  They are a big part of the reason Cabo has such a well-known reputation of wild nightlife.  Visit one of the famous establishments ashore where the staff encourages people to participate in many fun activities.  Most of these spots offer buckets of beer and seafood as snacks.  Enjoy some superb local beer and spectacular views from any of these bars in Medano Beach!

Appreciating the views from the sand, discover Medano Beach in Cabo as it becomes a surreal experience.  Overall, now you know what to enjoy, even when and where.  There, the only boundaries are your budget and your will to have a great time!

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