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Nick-San restaurant: Making a difference in Cabo gastronomy

This restaurant its located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas, making a difference in the gastronomic offer from that moment.  This higher concept of Japanese cuisine has attracted even celebrities who continue to frequent this incredible restaurant.  Nick-San is a unique place with a warm atmosphere that includes excellent service and a menu that exceeds expectations.  This place manages a luxury that, over the years, has become synonymous with quality and innovation.  Nick-San is the best Japanese fusion Mexican restaurant in Los Cabos and you ought to try it out!

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Delight yourself with the award-winning cuisine of chef Angel Carbajal, and see for yourself why Nick-San was one of the best restaurants during the 2019 edition of the Los Cabos Culinary Awards. This award only confirms what food lovers have known for years.  This means, when it comes to Japanese food in Los Cabos, Nick-San is the place to find fresh and innovative dishes, based on the traditions of Japanese cuisine. Add to the mixture mentioned the vibrant flavors of Mexico, and you’ll get the Nick-San style.

The Nick-San restaurant experience

Nick-San has two different locations in Los Cabos and both with their own distinctive settings. Choosing the perfect atmosphere will only depend on your mood.   This means both offer the incomparable Nick-San style cuisine of Chef Angel Carbajal.  This also means each location offers a unique and unforgettable experience as well.  Ask the many regular customers who love to visit both places, and see what fits you best.  As you become a regular client you’ll develope a favorite choice over time.  Keep reading and discover the location that suits you.  No matter if you are meeting friends, family, or organizing an event, Nick-San is the perfect place for you.

Enjoy a memorable dining experience discovering the extraordinary culinary approach of Angel Carbajal.  Above all, join the group of loyal fans, celebrities, tourists, and locals who have made Nick-San their favorite place for Japanese food not only in Los Cabos but in Mexico. Dining at this restaurant is a trip to a fantastic combination of flavors, textures, and compositions, combining the best Japanese culinary tradition with the character and spices of Mexico.

Chef’s inspiration

Prepare to embark on a memorable culinary celebration guided by the love of Chef Angel Carbajal for offering the best and freshest seafood.  The meals are inspired by the tradition and genius of Carbajal’s mentor, Masayuki Niikura. Lastly, it’s not only about the flavor but these dishes are also served in unique settings.  In other words, Nick-San will make sure to awaken all your senses.  The experience goes from beautifully introduced and ingeniously designed dishes to please the eye, to rich textures and delicious aromas in casually refined environments. You’ll get nothing more than a memorable dining experience.  In other words, no matter which of the two places you prefer to visit, book now and immerse yourself in the delicious flavors of Nick-San.

The beginnings of Nick-San restaurant

The first Nick-San opened in 1994 in downtown Cabo San Lucas, a few steps from the Marina. For the 25th anniversary celebration, the restaurant planned a big surprise.  This surprise includes a coherent design that incorporates traditional art, comfortable tables, and good acoustics.  They’re creating the perfect environment where you will experience the vision of chef Angel Carbajal.  Enjoy a very special dinner at “Angel’s Table,” or if you feel sociable, sit at the sushi bar.   There, locals and visitors can try a variety of dishes while enjoying the chef’s experience.   The chef’s always preparing exclusive recipes just for you.  Additionally, dining at the bar will also allow you to get excellent advice on activities and places to visit.  So, after the incredible experience, submerge a bit more in the Cabo experience!

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