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The Nick Fong PODCAST: Meet Jason Oliver AKA Stone Soul

Welcome to the next episode of The Nick Fong PODCAST, hosted by Nick Fong himself – the founder and broker of Ronival Real Estate.  Today, Nick meets with Stone Soul – Jason Oliver, an artist and music producer for R&B hip-hop, house, and electro.  As you’ll see, Jason Oliver has some super interesting stories of meeting some of the best artists of the genre.  And, he has a tiger in his living room.  You read that right, a tiger!

Now, read on and join Nick Fong and Jason Oliver – AKA Stone Soul, in this latest episode!

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How long have Jason Oliver and Nick Fong known each other?

In the video, Nick asks Jason how long they’ve know each other.  It turns out, Jason had rented a vacation house in El Pedregal way-back-when.  And while there, he turned to Nick Fong for information about financing a house in Cabo. He wasn’t impressed with the interest rate back then, but that was the start of their friendship.  Believe it or not, that was 14 years ago from the time of filming.

Years later, Jason Oliver ended up purchasing a Cabo home in Las Ventanas, officially making Jason a client of Ronival Real Estate.  And since Jason had been coming to Cabo regularly for 18 years, he knew Cabo very well.

Jason Oliver’s travel experience during the pandemic

Coming from Toronto, Canada, his home, Jason talks to Nick about how traveling has been affected by COVID-19.  Canada has been strict about travel, so it’s been difficult.  In fact, he talks about other travel difficulties he’s had ever since the start of the pandemic.

As he says in the video, he had one close call regarding travel.  To explain, when he returned to Toronto from a hotel he owns in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, located in the southern Caribbean, he made the last flight before the airport closed.  It’s still closed to this day!

What keeps bringing Jason Oliver back to Cabo?

After Jason explains his difficulties with traveling during the pandemic, Nick changes the subject to something happier – Cabo.  As such, he asks Jason what keeps bringing him back over and over, for 18 years now.  Jason’s first answer is the weather – the weather in Cabo is simply awesome.  But then, Jason tells Nick that he’s done a few shows in Cabo over the years.

Seven years ago, Jason Oliver did an MMA show right on the beach in Cabo.  Nick clarifies by saying “MMA as in fighting?”  Jason did the half-time show for that event.  His answer triggers Nick to ask him about his music career, which is next…

Jason Oliver’s music background

Ever since Jason Oliver was 15 years of age, he’s been recording and performing music.  But, he started as a jazz and hip-hop dancer, also when he was only 15.  As he reminisces about his past, he reveals how he met stars like Rosanne and Sinbad, back-in-the-day – really, really back-in-the-day.  That was when he was very young and performing on the show “Just for laughs.”  There, he performed his first rap song.  He was only 16 years old.

From there, he went on to perform in some big venues and grow his career.  In the video, Jason mentions to Nick that every time he did a show, he ended up getting an even bigger opportunity.  Be sure to watch the PODCAST for yourself to watch his entire story with Nick Fong.

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