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The Nick Fong PODCAST: Real estate training from Nick Fong and his team

This week, The Nick Fong PODCAST presents three amazing real estate training episodes that will show you how to succeed in real estate. Then, the last of the three episodes will really draw you in to Baja California Sur – just wait and see!

Nick Fong, the founder and broker of Ronival Real Estate, is the number-one real estate broker in all of Mexico. And, he’s here to teach you some great skills based on his extensive experience.

Now, continue reading to learn some very helpful tips from Nick and his exceptional team.

Uncover how to make a real estate team successful

In this episode, presented by Nick himself, he’s joined by two of his super-star agents, Gaby Lopez and Jesus Valenzuela. Along with Nick, they present their experience in real estate. And, they reveal just how important technology is for their real estate business.

Gaby has been with Ronival for over two years now and Jesus just over 10 months.  During that time, the two of them have teamed up – a dream team, as Gaby calls it.  Now, continue reading to find out more and to discover a little surprise about Jesus Valenzuela.

Tech-enabled agents and teams

During the PODCAST interview with Nick Fong, Gaby and Jesus both describe the importance of technology in their real estate business.  In fact, they both say that technology is the most important ingredient.  It allows them to stay in touch with all of their clients, along with making the experience even better.

Be sure to check out the video for more with an in-depth perspective.

Learn how to be a successful real estate agent in 2022

Nick is joined by Real Estate Coach, Bill Pipes, who is the second in command of @Tom Ferry’s organization.  To begin, there’s an important announcement for real estate agents looking to sell real estate in Los Cabos.

After introducing episode one of The Nick Fong PODCAST, Bill Pipes reveals his background and tells his amazing story about success. As he says, it all started with his mom, who was a real estate agent when Bill was young. At that time, Bill watched his mom struggle and ultimately fail at real estate. She had to go back to being a Paralegal. Bill simply wanted to understand why.

One of the biggest tips for new agents provided by Bill Pipes is to surround yourself with people who are doing more than you. Take them to lunch, and glean all that you can from their knowledge and experience. They will have insight that can truly correct and enhance what you are currently doing as you grow and become successful.

Now, watch the video to see what is happening in real estate down at Land’s End, and all of Baja California Sur.

Discover life in Cerritos Beach from Mark Sherman of Ronival Real Estate

Located about 30 miles north of Cabo San Lucas and just eight miles south of Todos Santos, Cerritos Beach is an extension of the pueblo El Pescadero.  During the filming of the PODCAST, Mark reveals all of the activity happening at the same moment.  Now, keep reading to uncover life in Cerritos Beach.

Originally from Davis, California – a suburb of Sacramento, Mark moved to El Pescadero exactly 14 years ago, to-the-month…November of 2007.  And as you can see from his enthusiasm in the video, Mark is still very excited to be there.

Discover the real estate market in Cerritos Beach

Watch the video as Mark goes into detail about how the real estate market has grown by such leaps-and-bounds.  As an example, their biggest problem is lack of inventory.  New land is pretty scarce, which has driven minimum lot prices from around $20k USD to around $50k USD.  The good news is those lots are huge – about half an acre.

Baja California Sur real estate

Many Americans, Canadians, and people from other countries choose to make Los Cabos and other magical towns in Baja California Sur, Mexico, their home or vacation home.  Discover how to purchase your dream home in Baja.  Make an appointment with the top Real Estate Broker in Baja: Nick Fong, featured on HGTV’s Beachfront Bargain Hunt.

Since 2010, Ronival has been helping clients find the best homes in Cabo and throughout Baja California Sur. And, they’re highly-skilled negotiators that’ll get you the best price. Whether you plan to buy a property or quickly sell your Baja real estate, they’ve got you covered!

If you’d like to take a tour of a property in Cabo or anywhere else in Baja California Sur, just click CONTACT to inquire.  Or, call directly at 619-831-2000.  Ronival will be happy to answer your questions.  You can also schedule a time to show you around this breathtaking location.

Ronival on YouTube

See Nick Fong in action on his Ronival YouTube Channel.  Find his videos on the Rovival VLOG, where you can read a short, yet in-depth post.  Below is an example of one of Nick Fong’s Ronival videos:

Thank you for reading Check out the ocean-view condos selling fast in Cuatrovientos of Cabo.  Be sure to read other posts about Cabo and Baja California Sur on the Ronival blog. There, learn about the many wonderful aspects of Baja California Sur, Mexico, from blog posts like this.

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