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Ronival’s new real estate agent in Los Cabos: Cyrille Lacharmoise

This week on The Nick Fong PODCAST, Nick presents his new agent Cyrille Lacharmoise from France.  He first came to Los Cabos as a wedding photographer.  But now, he is part of the Ronival Real Estate team, a real estate agent selling in the best place on Earth – Los Cabos of Baja Sur.

In today’s PODCAST, Nick and Cyrille explain what you need to change your career.  Also, they reveal how being a real estate agent relates to other career paths.  Now, read on to learn Cyrille’s story and how to become a real estate agent in Los Cabos.

A little about Cyrille Lacharmoise

Originally from Paris, Cyrille spent his first 10 years in Los Cabos as a wedding photographer.  Also, he spent his time learning underwater photography – there’s no better place for that than the amazing Sea of Cortez.  Then when the pandemic hit, he started thinking about selling real estate.

Interestingly, Nick Fong’s agent Gaby Lopez worked for Cyrille at his business in the past.  Now, she’s leading him while he trains to become a great real estate agent in Los Cabos.  Although he’s starting a new career, he’s leveraging his business experience to be successful in real estate.

Relocating to Los Cabos, Mexico from Paris France

During their interview, Cyrille tells Nick that moving from France to Los Cabos was much harder than taking on a new career in real estate.  He says that although Mexican’s and the French get along great, the cultures are quite different.  Then, he tells Nick that after dealing with that, he now absolutely loves living in Los Cabos.

Applying previous experience to your new real estate career

Nick asks Cyrille some questions about his previous work in wedding photography.  Regarding stress, Nick asks Cyrille if he’s ever dealt with a crying bride.  He responds by telling Nick that having photographed over 1000 weddings in Cabo, yes, he’s helped to calm many highly-stressed brides by solving problems for them.

Next, Nick asks Cyrill what particular experience he applies to his new real estate career.  Cyrille tells him that constant contact with leads and previous customers kept him top-of-mind with them.  In real estate, the same concept applies.

The next piece of great experience Cyrill brings to the table is being organized.  Since he ran a business, his organization skills are already well developed.  That means, everything he does going forward in real estate will be organized quite well from the beginning.

When asked what surprising differences Cyrill has experienced during his first three months, Cyrill expressed how different selling real estate really is.  As he says, selling a home is different than selling a photography service – the mentality and the cost are quite different. Then, there are the additional things to learn.

What you’ll learn in your new real estate career

Cyrille tells Nick that learning the technology has been an exciting challenge.  He says that learning the CRM system has been a big help.  Using the CRM, he has better conversations with his clients since all of the information from previous conversation is readily available.

Become a real estate agent for Ronival Real Estate

Normally, Nick Fong presents general real estate tips for those already in real estate or thinking about getting into real estate.  This time, he has one specific tip that will blow your mind.  Become a real estate agent for Ronival Real Estate and start make a commission right when you start.

What a rare opportunity right?  Nick Fong’s Ronival Real Estate has been growing by leaps and bounds.  On top of that, the real estate market throughout Baja California Sur has been booming for years now, and it’s just getting better and better.  Having real estate teams in ever city throughout Baja Sur, the opportunities are truly amazing!

Join us in this new episode!

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