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The Nick Fong PODCAST: Advantages of buying your new home in La Paz

In this latest episode of The Nick Fong PODCAST, Nick Fong presents two members of the Ronival Real Estate team, Andrea Lozoya and Agustín Olachea.  They are experts in an area that has now become one of the best places to live and invest: La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur.  As the broker and founder of Ronival Real Estate, Nick Fong now runs Mexico’s number-one real estate brokerage. 

Today, Nick reveals the real estate market in La Paz and the properties he has for sale there while presenting from La Paz.  Having a tranquil atmosphere, the boardwalk, and the Sea of Cortez at your feet, see everything that has made this city one of the favorites in Baja Sur.  Now, read on to learn even more.

Agents Andrea Lozoya and Agustin Olachea in La Paz

From the opposite side of the Malecon, Nick first presents Agustin Olachea.  You may remember him from Nick’s previous videos.  Prior to becoming a real estate agent for Ronival Real Estate, Agustin was the President of the Hotel Association in La Paz.  In that role, Agustin’s primary task was to promote the beautiful area of La Paz.  That was a success, now that La Paz is really booming.

First, Agustin talks about the Malecon in La Paz.  As he reveals, the Malecon or boardwalk is just over 15 kilometers long, which is just over 11 miles long.  There, Agustin loves to ride his bike the entire length.  It’s beautiful vistas of the sea and it’s great security make the La Paz Malecon a great place to spend time and enjoy yourself with friends and family.

Andrea Lozoya was born and raised in La Paz.  That means, she really knows the area well.  Starting in Ronival Real Estate call center for about six months, Andrea has now been an agent for nearly a year now.  She’s been doing well over her first year and is happy about how things are going in the real estate market of La Paz.

Properties for sale in La Paz

In the video, Nick and his guests reveal the various types of properties for sale  in La Paz.  First, Nick mentions that he recently created a video about a luxury estate for sale there.  Then, they talk about two hotels right nearby, one called The Firma Hotel, which has residences about to be built there and an amazing golf course.

Pedregal, a luxury master-planned community, is also nearby.  Nick states that Agustin has recently listed a house there.  Also, that’s where Nick’s luxury estate is for sale.  Next, learn a little about what makes La Paz such a great place to invest and live.

Discover La Paz, the perfect fit for relaxation and entertainment

In La Paz see that this city truly has it all, and as such, it is also an excellent place to live! Find the perfect place to live in one of the communities in La Paz and enjoy the beaches at the same time.  First, La Paz is the largest city and also the capital of Baja California Sur, in Mexico.  Some of the main attractions include the long Malecon overlooking the incredible Sea of Cortez and the bars and restaurants where you’ll taste the world-renowned local cuisine.

La Paz is a culturally-filled city with almost 500 years of history.  It’s a big city with plenty of fun and entertainment. Discover there many exciting places to explore.  For example, you will find the Cathedral of Our Lady of La Paz, an impressive building dating from the 19th century.  Or, if you enjoy nature, La Paz also has a whale museum, the largest and most important in the region. In this post, we are going to talk about the fantastic communities in La Paz, and also the incredible beaches that you’ll find when you decide to move to this city!

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