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The strangest thing to eat in Todos Santos: Episode 6 of Let’s Taco about it

Nick Fong of Ronival Real Estate meets up with Danica Taylor and Amy Rex, two of his newer agents from his Todos Santos office. In Episode Six of Let’s Taco About It, they meet Nick at Tiki Santos, an awesome place to eat in Todos Santos.  Being a little hidden, Tiki Santos is in downtown Todos Santos, but on the outskirts.  As they explain, that works very well, since there are no cars driving by.

Danica and Amy explain to Nick about how Tiki Santos is such a great restaurant.  Explaining further, they say that the seafood there is the best, and everything there is fresh and delicious.

Next, they tell Nick about the owner of Tiki Santos.  They say that h was born and raised in Todos Santos.  As such, he really understands the culture there.  In fact, both Danica and Amy are from Todos Santos too, so they have a real affection for this little slice of heaven just north of Cabo.  Read on to see the strangest thing Nick has ever eaten, both in Todos Santos and anywhere else.

One of Nick’s newer agents: Danica Taylor

Danica started working for Nick Fong back in February of 2020.  As Nick explains, she started in Nick’s call center, working for Manny, Nick’s call center manager.  Now, she’s officially a sales agent and doing well.  To explain, she’s already made some sales.  She is certainly with the right team, and in the right place in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

As one of Nick’s newer agents, Danica Taylor explains that her parents are from Todos Santos.  That means, this peaceful little town runs in her blood.  She grew up in Cabo San Lucas, and she lived in Vancouver Island, Canada, for about 10 years.  Now, she’s back in her home town doing what she has always wanted to do…be a sales agent in Real Estate.

Learn a little about Amy Rex of Ronival Real Estate

As Amy explains, when she was in the hospitality industry, she really enjoyed working with people and helping them find exactly what they want.  That motivated her to pursue real estate.  Amy met Nick in Cabo San Lucas, at a real estate sales event called Fearless.  There, she got Nick’s contact info and then got in touch.  Now, she’s with Ronival Real Estate, and loving working in real estate in her home town.

Also born and raised in Todo Santos, Amy Rex has lived there her entire life.  The only exception to that was when she went to college in La Paz, just to the North in Baja California Sur.  Now that’s she’s been in the hospitality industry for quite some time, she was ready to become a sales agent for Nick in Todos Santos.

Nick met Amy at the Fearless sales event in Cabo

Recently held in downtown Cabo San Lucas, at a cultural center called Pabellon, Nick was one of a hand-full of guest speakers at the Fearless sales event in Cabo.  As you’ll see in the video, Nick reveals that he received an email from Amy, and wondered if that was really her last name – Rex, like T-Rex.  They share a laugh about that before continuing their discussion.

Continuing in her conversation with Nick, Amy reveals that after only a year-and-a-half, she’s now completed and closed eleven transactions so far.  Then, she goes into detail about how she just stuck with her leads, and plugged away at each one until she made a sale, and then again and again.  It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you say persistent.

Chapulines: Now see the strangest thing Nick’s ever eaten

Chapulines are small insects, like small grasshoppers, that taste really good.  As you’ll see, Nick tries one in the video.  Then, after giving an uncomfortable expression on his face, he pops one in his mouth.  He drinks a little Tequila with it and says it tastes “interesting.”  Nick goes on to say that it tastes better with Tequila, for sure.  It’s salty and has something interesting in the flavor – it’s “earthy,” says Nick, with a funny look on his face.

After eating their Chapulines as an appetizer, the three of them are served the “famous” tacos of Tiki Santos.  Seeing just how delicious they look, you’ll want to go there as soon as you can.  Tiki Santos is such a beautiful place!

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