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Watch Nick Fong’s previous clients exchange their Cabo condo for a house

Watch Pam and Marty, former clients of  Nick Fong of Ronival Real Estate, in this new episode of Find Mexico Houses.  Now, they have decided to exchange their condo in Cabo for a house near the beach to have a little more space to move around.  Continue reading to learn a little about them and to see what comes next.

Living in Cabo since 2014, Pam and Marty originally purchased a beautiful condo when they first arrived.  Before that, Pam was a high-level manager at a large corporation.  There, she managed about 1,700 people.  Pam was in the “hair” business, as she puts it.  Describing her experience, she tells how she worked with many “whacky” hair stylists throughout her career.  As such, she never knew what to expect day in and day out.  Retired, she’s living the good life in Cabo and ready to exchange her condo for a house.

Previously a minister, Marty, Pam’s husband, mentions that he has performed 800 weddings in Glacier National Park alone.  He says that the weddings were mostly elopements with two to forty-two people.  After that, he talked about how he’s done over 8,000 proxy military weddings.  Nowadays, he’s retired too and absolutely enjoying the peace and tranquility that Cabo provides throughout the year.

Pam and Marty’s opinion of living in Mexico

Talking about how they’ve made quite a few new friends, Marty loves that they are from all around the world.  In fact, he says that the people in Mexico are “incredible.”  Then, he says that he and Pam love every minute of living in Mexico – especially in Cabo.

While living in Cabo, Pam has always loved the adventures they go on daily.  To be specific, she says that she loves the food.  She goes on to stat that you can visit a different restaurant each-and-every-day to get different types of food.  Pam and Marty both love the culture in Mexico and the friendly people.  Then, she states the obvious – the whether is awesome and the beaches are wonderful!

How Pam and Marty met Nick Fong

It all started after watchin Nick Fong on HGTV one evening.  During the show, Marty quickly wrote Nick’s number down on paper.  About 10-minutes after that, he called Nick and said “I wanna buy a house and we’re coming down!  What does your schedule look like?”  That was the beginning of a great professional relationship and a new friendship.

Before moving to Cabo, when they were looking to sell their house in Montana, they decided to make a change – they wanted to go on a new adventure.  Thus, as they were contemplating their next move, they sold their house just weeks after putting it on the market.  They had to move out within a month.  So, they took the bull by the horns and prepared for their escape.

Here’s Pam and Marty’s opinion of Nick

When they decided to purchase a house in Cabo, they chose to use Nick because they trusted him so much.  I would imagine that someone who previously managed about 1,700 people would have a strong sense of character.  Therefore, they will use Nick Fong, the founder of Ronival Real Estate, again!

As Pam put’s it, “Nick, don’t get a big head when I say this.”  In other words, they have good things to say about Nick.  First, she says that they both love Nick and that he is very trustworthy.  For example, he steered them in the right direction back when they first arrived in Cabo and purchased their first condo.

Here’s what’s up next?

Now that Pam and Marty are interested in upgrading to a house near the beach, they want similar amenities to those they currently enjoy.  But they want a yard and some more space to spread out.  Also, they want some good space for their dog to run around.

Interestingly, they decided to move out of Cabo, so where will they look?  Check back soon to see the next episode.  They will will check out some great options presented by Nick.

Baja California Sur real estate

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Ronival on YouTube

See Nick Fong in action on his Ronival YouTube Channel.  Find his videos on the Rovival VLOG, where you can read a short, yet in-depth post.  Below is an example of one of Nick Fong’s Ronival videos:

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