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Wild Canyon Adventures: Los Cabos Agent visits a one-of-a-kind theme park in Cabo

Wild Canyon is a theme park with a variety of adrenaline-filled activities to do in a paradisiacal canyon between Playa El Tule and Sierra de La Laguna in the Cabo region. Its more specifically located halfway between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. And the highlight of this park is the diverse activities you can try there. Although many people visit Cabo to relax, many others are looking for exciting experiences. The best and most recommended option to try if you’re an adrenaline seeker is the ziplines in Wild Canyon. Get ready for an adventure of height! We invite you to read on to discover more about the adventures you can experience in Wild Canyon Adventures!

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Wild Canyon Adventures

It’s easy to mistake Wild Canyon for an Indiana Jones movie set.  No matter where you turn, there’s always something exciting to do in this place. You can see zip lines flying fast from peak to peak in the mountains, ATV racers across a wooden bridge swinging dangerously over a terrifying abyss, and a bungee platform suspended above everything else for wild jumpers to try! And that’s not all, there are also endemic flora and fauna that you can enjoy on a camel tour, and it’s perfectly suitable for people looking to relax. There are plenty of reasons to come visit Wild Canyon Adventures in Los Cabos!

Famous ziplines

One of the main attractions in such an incredible place like Wild Canyon Adventures is their zipline.  Find a whole network of zip lines giving you a perfect mixture of landscape views and adrenaline! You’ll discover the option for different speeds and distances on different zip lines throughout the park, so there’s a great number of routes you can take. With so many options in this scenario, it can only mean that you have the decision to try what suits you best.  For example, there are extremely fast ziplines for the bold, that run as fast as 60 miles per hour for more than 4,000 feet away! But, there are also small ziplines that open up a world of options for those more interested in the views and the feeling of safety. These shorter routes are perfectly suited for children as they run for just about 500 feet at 10 miles per hour. 

Tips for your Wild Canyon experience

It’s of main importance to be aware of different matters when it comes to making the best our of your time in Wild Canyon.  For example, the minimum age to try the zip lines adventures in the park is eight years. Also, there’s a maximum weight limit of 256 pounds per person on any zipline.  Furthermore, you can feel safe for you and the personal stuff you could be carrying with you,  as there are security cameras in the common areas before entering the ziplines. Another great recommendation we can give you is that it’s best to wear light and comfortable clothes.  Shorts and tennis shoes for example, are essential for your safety and comfort. And last but not least, add some sunscreen to this mix of comfortable clothing and you’re good to go!  As you’re in the desert, you’ll be taking a lot of sun, so it’s better to be prepared bringing with you some water and sunscreen.

With beautiful views of the desert that after sunset merges with the blue of the sea, you can enjoy an excellent vacation in this magical place. So no matter if you are looking for something exciting, new or relaxing, Wild Canyon Adventure has it all!

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