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East Cape

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East Cape Real Estate – Your Gateway to Paradise

Discover the burgeoning real estate market of the East Cape. Exclusive properties, expert agents, and your dream home await

Welcome to the East Cape, where the serenity of pristine beaches meets the promise of a flourishing future. Embark on a journey to discover the oasis of luxury living and promising real estate in Baja’s most exclusive enclave. Your dream property is just a click away.


The East Cape has a wide variety of ocean-front properties that sit directly on the beach, sorne of which are giant parcels of land for investors and developers to consider.

The East Cape real estate market stands as a beacon of potential in Baja California Sur. With double-digit growth over the past year, the region boasts a robust and resilient investment climate. Detailed market analysis reveals a surge in demand for both residential and commercial properties, promising attractive returns for discerning investors.



Meet the team that turns real estate dreams into reality. Our East Cape specialists combine extensive local knowledge with a passion for finding your perfect home or investment. From the warm greetings at our Los Barriles office to the meticulous care in handling your queries, excellence is the hallmark of our service.


Emma Nicholson is a distinguished team leader at our East Cape office, with over 25 years of experience in communications and sales. She’s held senior roles at global agencies like Ketchum and Edelman, managed high-profile clients including Unilever and Coca Cola, and has extensive experience in property sector marketing. Emma holds a degree in Management and Systems Science and is a Chartered Marketer. Deeply embedded in the Los Barriles community, she’s known for organizing the largest amateur dog show in Mexico and co-founding Cortez Rescue & Outreach. Her blend of professional expertise and community involvement makes her a standout figure in both the real estate sector and local community initiatives.


Sean Jordan is a skilled Real Estate Professional with 15 years of experience in markets including California, Hawaii, and Baja California Sur, Mexico, with a special focus on areas like Lighthouse Point Estates and Costa Palmas. His 30 years as an Information Technology Manager enhances his proficiency in using modern technology to facilitate real estate transactions worldwide. Sean’s approach is centered on providing excellent, proactive communication, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for buyers and sellers. His expertise in specific locales, combined with his technological and real estate acumen, make him a highly capable and trusted agent.


Dede, with a robust real estate background spanning over 25 years in Lake Tahoe, California, and Nevada, brings a wealth of experience to the East Cape of Baja California Sur. Her career transition from owning and managing a sportswear shop to real estate has been bolstered by her strong community connections. Dede is recognized for her ability to facilitate seamless and transparent transactions, a testament to her commitment to high-level customer service. Her impressive credentials include a degree in Spanish, an ePro Certificate from the National Association of Realtors, and various leadership roles, including President of the South Tahoe Association of Realtors in 2008, the year she was also named Realtor of the Year. Dede’s focus on providing cutting-edge service aligns perfectly with Ronival Real Estate’s goals, making her an invaluable asset to clients seeking knowledgeable and dedicated assistance in East Cape real estate.


Nic’s affinity for Baja California began in 2007 when he first visited Los Barriles, a charming town by the Sea of Cortez, and soon after, he made the decisive move to the East Cape. His deep appreciation for the region’s beauty, culture, and community is evident in his belief that Baja offers something special to everyone. Renowned for his respect and empathy towards others, Nic excels in listening and assisting people with their needs, fostering a sense of connection and support. Always eager to share his knowledge and love for Baja, Nic welcomes any questions about the area, offering help through email, text, or phone calls, embodying the spirit of service and passion for the life he has embraced in Baja California.


Rita, deeply captivated by Baja California Sur since 2013, has made Los Barriles her permanent home after retiring in the states. Her strong community ties in Los Barriles and her role as Program Director for the Spay, Neuter & Prevention (S.N.A.P.) the program reflects her dedication to the area. Rita’s passion now extends to the real estate sector in Mexico, where she shares her extensive knowledge on land purchases and home construction, guiding clients through the complexities of buying or selling properties.


Jesús Zavala, a seasoned Ronival Real Estate Agent, brings over 20 years of local experience and a four-year track record in real estate to the East Cape area. Originally from Ciudad Constitución, he has made Los Barriles his home, where he combines his deep-rooted community knowledge with a comprehensive understanding of real estate. His expertise spans from land ownership and legalities to handling a diverse range of properties. Academically accomplished, Jesús holds a CONOCER certification and a Baja California Sur Real Estate License, making him a reliable guide for both buying and selling properties.


Megan, an Alaskan native who embraced Los Barriles as her home after college, is a dynamic Ronival Real Estate Agent with a rich history in entrepreneurship and property development. With two decades of experience in running a leading kiteboarding school and developing properties in Baja, Megan possesses unique insights into the local real estate market. Inspired by her father’s legacy in real estate, she effortlessly blends her in-depth local knowledge and strong communication skills to facilitate successful real estate transactions. A dual citizen and an outdoor enthusiast, Megan’s diverse background and passion for the region make her an invaluable asset to those navigating the Los Barriles real estate market.


The economic indicators, year-after-year, show that East Cape real-estate values are rising fast. And, since the market is very solid, and new improvements and developments are happening ali over the a rea, this little oasis is a solid investment. East Cape provides great value, a long with being a great location. So, if you’re looking for a home, lot, or commercial property, there’s never been a better time to Buy!

Our Los Barriles office is a gateway to discovering the East Cape’s real estate treasures. Situated at Calle Bahia de Las Palmas y Calle Costa Brava Local,, Residencial Bahia, it’s a place where warm welcomes and comprehensive property insights await you. Visit us to take the first step toward your new beginning in paradise.



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