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Bay of Dreams offers extraordinary beauty and exciting activities for all

Welcome to the Bay of Dreams near La Paz, where you will find extraordinary beauty and exciting activities for all. Located only 35 miles southeast of La Paz, the Bay of Dreams is a 45-minute drive from the Cabo San Lucas International Airport. That’s two great cities, right nearby, while you spend the majority of your time taking in the tranquility of the Bay of Dreams.

Historically, the Bay of Dreams was the primary port for Baja California Sur back in the 1500s. At that time, a multitude of Spanish sailboats called galleons docked there to unload their goods from Spain. When you visit, you can still see the stairs and walls that were part of the docks and the open market from that period. Now, continue reading to uncover what makes the Bay of Dreams everything you would ever desire in a Mexican paradise.

Discover the Bay of Dreams AKA Bahía de los Sueños

Located along the untamed coastline, the Bay of Dreams just may be your next destination. From the aquamarine waters of the Sea of Cortez to the majestic Sierra de la Laguna mountain range, the extraordinary beauty of this place never gets old.

Then there are the exciting activities for all to enjoy! This list is too numerous to put it all here, but the highlights will truly impress you.

4,300-acres of pristine beach

Along this massively expansive white-sand beach, you’ll find one of the most swimmable beach’s in the world to enjoy with your friends and family. There, children may swill and play in the water without the worry of being swept away by the waves or undercurrents. This beach is one of the best places to learn snorkeling or scuba diving, paddle boarding, or kayaking, as the waters of the Bay of Dreams are calm most of the time. Only during a storm will you find bigger waves.

Then you’ll find a plethora seashells to hunt for on the beach. The seashell hunting is fun and very productive, which will always puts a smile on your face. As you’ll see next, the Sea of Cortez is natures aquarium. That means, the seashells will just keep coming and coming, so bring a basket to hold them all.

The magnificent Sea of Cortez

As it was once called “The World’s Aquarium” by Jacque Cousteau because of its huge biodiversity, the Sea of Cortez is actually the most biologically-diverse body of water on Earth – it supports over 900 varieties of fish.  Also, it supports more than 2,000 species of marine invertebrates.  On top of that, the Sea of Cortez is home to many endemic species, which are creatures that only exist there, and nowhere else on Earth. It’s no wonder Jacque Cousteau spent so much time there.

The largest of the creatures you’ll find in the Sea of Cortez are the migratory whales that visit each year.  These whales include California grays, humpbacks, and even orcas or killer whales.  Then, you’ll find giant whale sharks peacefully feeding on plankton.  When you swim next to these gentle giants, you’ll have an experience of a lifetime!

Tom Doak 18-hole championship golf course

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Tom Doak masterfully designed an 18-hole, par 72 championship golf course facing the Bay of Dreams. This course takes advantage of the desert terrain by incorporating rocky ridges and wind-carved boulders into an intriguing layout. Then, there’s the pristine oceanfront topography and impressive panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez! There, experience one of the most visually stunning courses along the Baja California peninsula. Golf Magazine says: “The variety mesmerizes: the 410-yard 5th is carved through cacti; the green at the 300-yard, par-4 14th is perched on the beach; and the 430-yard 18th concludes in giant white dunes.”

Escape to La Paz

Take a stroll along the waterfront and enjoy a romantic sunset. Then, indulge yourself with a delicious local cuisine. After that, dance until the wee hours of the morning. And that’s just the beginning!

Take a relaxing day and explore historic museums or shop for authentic Mexican arts and crafts. Next, take another day and experience the legendary sportfishing for marlin, wahoo, tuna, dorado and more.

For a third fun day, snorkel with playful sea lions or scuba dive with hammerhead sharks and giant mantas. Then, kayak alongside friendly dolphins and whales or venture into the tranquil bays of Espiritu Santo Island. Finally, discover ancient cave paintings in distant canyons. After all of that has been experienced, relax and do nothing at all on an endless white sand beach!

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About La Paz

La Paz is a culturally-filled city with almost 500 years of history.  It’s a big city with plenty of fun and entertainment. Discover there many exciting places to explore.  For example, you will find the Cathedral of Our Lady of La Paz, an impressive building dating from the 19th century.  Or, if you enjoy nature, La Paz also has a whale museum, the largest and most important in the region. In La Paz, discover the fantastic communities in and around the area.  There are incredible beaches lining this incredible city!

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