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Hacienda Medano Real Estate

Owners at Hacienda Medano enjoy all of the conveniences of luxury-hotel living while having access to all of the services and amenities that make day-to-day living an extraordinary experience.  And there’s more!  Every single detail of this exquisite resort community is attended with the utmost respect for nature.  And, for the exclusive group of owners that call these residences and Villas their home, life will be wonderful within this Mexican dream-come-true by the sea.

The Hacienda Medano Beach Club and Resort is located within a private stretch of the only safe-swimming beach in Cabo San Lucas – Medano Beach.  Take a stroll on the beautiful white-sand while enjoying the panoramic views of the spectacular Sea of Cortez.  Hacienda Medano is a peaceful haven that redefines the five-star resort.  And, being so near to the action of Cabo San Lucas, this is a place to experience both tranquility and excitement all from one exclusive location.

Inspired by the natural environment and the original hotel

The process began with deconstruction of the original hotel located on the property – some original relics were kept and restored.  To elaborate, the Hacienda Medano Resort embellished some of the original ideas while at the same time, paying homage to the legacy that formed the many memories of generations over the past 60 years.

When Hacienda Medano was designed, the natural environment dictated the look and feel of this beautiful location.  From building materials to room furnishings and decor, the natural setting inspired the design and architecture throughout.  As a result, the unique natural environment was carried from the outdoors to the inside.  Then, sustainable and low-impact materials were used wherever possible, which made this resort environmentally responsible.

 Hacienda Medano home options

You’ll find many floor plans to choose from at Hacienda Medano.  To begin, they range from one-bedroom, one-bathroom to seven bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms – see more below:

  • One bedroom, one bathroom home comes in both 1137 square feet and 11451 square feet of interior space
  • Two bedroom, 2 .5 bathroom home comes in 2050 square feet of interior space
  • Three bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home comes in 2249, 2471, 2480, 2615, and 2844 square feet of interior space
  • Five bedroom, 5.5 bathroom home comes in both 4075 and 4887 square feet of interior space
  • Seven bedroom, 7.5 bathroom home comes in 5670 square feet of interior space

Uncover more about Hacienda Medano

To learn more about Hacienda Medano, be sure to read Hacienda Cabo redefines the five-star beach resort experience.

Rising property values of Hacienda Medano

Year-after-year, the economic indicators show Hacienda Medano real-estate values are rising fast.  And, since the market is solid and new improvements and developments are happening all over Los Cabos, this is definitely a solid investment! Hacienda Medano offers great value and a great location.  Therefore, this is a great time to buy!

Ronival Real Estate

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Are you ready to start living the dream?  Take a moment and look through the Hacienda Medano listings below:

Check out the listings in Hacienda Medano