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East Cape Real Estate

The East Cape of Baja starts at Zacatitos north of San Jose del Cabo and stretches all the way to La Ventana in the north.  This gorgeous stretch of coastline along the Sea of Cortez is varied and diverse; from surfing waves in the south to a calmer windier environment in Los Barriles favored by kiters and windsport enthusiasts.  The highlight of the East Cape is its miles of white sand beaches punctured with rocky coves, cliffs and reefs.  The jewel in the crown, the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is situated at the heart of the East Cape – a protected national park known for its spectacular views, abundant wildlife, and ideal oceanic climate.

Fishing has been a stalwart of the East Cape for decades.  However, as more people have discovered the beaches and communities dotted along this coastline, so have the activities and opportunities increased beyond traditional sport fishing.  Pickleball, hiking, mountain biking,  snorkeling, diving, horseback riding, shore fishing, off-road biking and ATV experiences are popular pastimes of East Cape visitors and residents.

Significant towns of note include La Ribera, Los Barriles and La Ventana where growing numbers of people are choosing to live or visit – whether for the winter months or on a permanent year-long basis.   Each town boasts its own community and associated activities:

Towns on East Cape

La Ribera

Home to Costa Palmas where The Four Seasons and Aman hotels are located.  This fishing town is experiencing growth and with it, an increase in the numbers of restaurants, small Mexican-style hotels and amenities.  A popular choice for people wanting to live in a more Mexican environment.  50 minutes to San Jose del Cabo international airport.

Los Barriles

The largest town on the East Cape that swells in the winter months thanks to the snowbirds that visit from the USA and Canada.  The town has a strong community with a plethora of activities (from volunteering to ATV adventures) as well as being the largest pickleball resort town in Mexico.  Lots of restaurants and a packed calendar during the winter months featuring music and entertainment reinforce its vibrant environment.   During the winter, wind sports are a favorite while in the summer, the town switches to fishing tournaments and sportfishing activities.   50 minutes to San Jose del Cabo international airport.

La Ventana

A small town built on windsports with a dynamic atmosphere through the winter months.  Definitely worth a visit to enjoy the hundreds of kiters, foilers, wingers and windsurfers in this protected bay.  1.5 hours to San Jose del Cabo international airport or 50 minutes to La Paz airport.

Cabo Pulmo

The area south of Cabo Pulmo is more rugged and remote.  For the few people that live dotted along the coastline, this is an off-grid region where people truck in water and depend on solar for power.  For those wanting to enjoy the naked beauty of the Sea of Cortez, this is the area for you.  Access this area by the coastal dirt road that goes from La Ribera to San Jose del Cabo and visit its famous beaches including Los Frailes, La Fortuna, Shipwreck and Zacatitos.

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