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Cabo Pulmo Real Estate

Baja California Sur’s East Cape is an approximately 70-mile coastal arc going from San José del Cabo to Los Barriles beach.  The region is a popular destination for those seeking close contact with nature.  Dirt roads, rustic off-the-grid beachfronts, pristine beaches, and great conditions for fishing and diving is what’s on the menu here.  One of the actual main attractions is the magnificent Cabo Pulmo national park, containing one of the oldest natural reefs in the entire American continent.  Read on and see what else you can find in this heavenly nestled area in Los Cabos.  Meet Cabo Pulmo on East Cape!

Sightings and activities in Cabo Pulmo

It all started in this place with fishing.  It began first with long-time fisherman of the places nearby, and afterwards as a tourist attraction for big-game anglers.  Some important events like Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore tournament are a big deal around.  Also, not only this but this is the place where you’ll find Cabo Pulmo reef sanctuary.  This is a must-visit for snorkelers and divers.  Not only does it boast the highest concentration of fish in the Sea of Cortez, but its also one of the oldest and largest living coral reefs on the west coast of the American continent.  And if you thought that was it, also wind sports like kiteboarding is world-class activities during winter months.  Undoubtedly, there are tons of things for you to do and see around East Cape!

Cabo Pulmo on East Cape real estate opportunities

You might be looking for a temporary place to stay the first times, but as you fall in love with this place, you could be changing your mind to a full time installment here.  The great thing about it is that you’ll have plenty of options to decide where to start your new Mexican lifestyle.  Either if your family is a big one or you’re just looking for a place for two, Capo Pulmo on East Cape has it all.  Read further on and see the real estate opportunities you  can  find  there.

To learn more about East Cape, check out East Cape is for those seeking a more rustic beachfront Los Cabos destination on

Vispera Cabo Pulmo

Vispera is right in the eye of the developing in Los Cabos.  Its unique location and landscape setting, make this area ideal for any residential option.  Vispera faces the Cabo Pulmo marine park and with  the Cabo Dorado master development.  This land lot has almost 1,000 feet of beachfront and an area of 42 acres to make your dreams come true.  The scenery rises slightly from the sea level next to the four-lane highway that goes to Cabo Pulmo.

 Las Barracas

This is a development lot on the East Cape region between Cabo Cortez and Cabo Pulmo.  Las Barracas is a large 160 acre property, offers 10 meters of  beach frontage on a beautiful sandy beach and swimmable cove to move use any beach toys you have.

La Ribera

This is an enchanting property located on East Cape right in front of Cabo Pulmo.  La Ribera features 6 standard casitas and three junior suites in 10,893 square feet of space. It is the perfect site to enjoy the best of East Cape’s surrounding nature.  The facilities are the perfect venue for your exclusive family reunions, parties and friends getaways.  Inside the casitas, the earthly-colored architecture blends in harmonically with the region’s desert surroundings.

Property values are rising

The economic indicators, year-after-year, show that Cabo Pulmo on East Cape real-estate values are rising fast.  And, since the market is very solid, and new improvements and developments are happening all over the area, this little oasis is a solid investment.  And, this makes access much smoother and faster.

Whiting its proximity to Cabo San Lucas, East Cape provides great value, along with being a great location.  So, if you’re looking for a home, lot, or commercial property, there’s never been a better time to buy!

Ronival Real Estate

Are you ready to start living your own dream? Please take a moment to look through the listings of Cabo Pulmo on East Cape Residences homes, lots, and condos for sale here at Ronival Real Estate.

Since 2010, Ronival Real Estate has been helping clients find the best villas and condominiums in Cabo Pulmo on East Cape for their lifestyle and budget.  And, they’re highly-skilled negotiators who can get you the absolute best price, whether you wish to buy a property or quickly sell your Los Cabos real estate.

If you’d like to take a tour of a property on East Cape, just click CONTACT to inquire. Or, call directly at 619-831-2000. Ronival Real Estate will be happy to answer your questions and schedule a time to show you around this breathtaking village, just north of Cabo San Lucas.

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