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Pacific Side Real Estate

We all know about the world-renowned Cabo San Lucas, which is know for sport fishing, championship golf, and great nightlife. But what else can you find in Cabo?  There’s much more than just Cabo San Lucas at Land’s End.  In this guide, we’re going to go through some hidden gems you can find along the Pacific Side in between Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos.  So, keep reading to learn more about the Pacific Side beaches, communities, resorts, and other great amenities!

Communities along the Pacific Side

The Pacific Sided of Baja California Sur is a natural paradise where desert meets the Sierra Laguna mountain range. And, it hosts several unique eco-systems that are special to the area. This area provides a superb contrast to the fiesta life. And, it’s a haven for those who crave outdoor adventure.

An upscale boutique condominium project, Cerritos Surf Residences provides amenities like a pool, fire-pits, covered parking, an entertainment area, private storage bodegas, on-site management, and a 2700 square-foot indoor / outdoor living space. And, find spectacular ocean views from every condo, all within two-minutes of the beach, restaurants and other activities, by foot. Finally, there’s a rental program available.  They will rent your unit for over $300 USD per night.  So, these condos boast amazing income producing potential.

Todos Santos

Located on the Pacific Ocean, about one hour north of Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos provides great tranquility to contrast the fiesta life of Cabo San Lucas.  To read all about Todos Santos and discover it’s rich history, places to visit, activities, and restaurants, check out Todos Santos: A Mexican oasis of palms & fruit trees where desert meets the Sierra Laguna mountains.

El Pescadero

Discover this quaint fishing village within the municipality of La Paz.  It’s located in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur.  Just take the Federal Highway 19 north from Cabo San Lucas to km 64.  Then, as you head north, take in the panoramic coastline on the Pacific Ocean.  Finally, El Pescadero is only about eight kilometers south of Todos Santos.

Tortuga del Sol

This beautiful gated community is located along Los Cerritos Beach.  And, it’s far enough away from town to build your beach residence and feel private.  But thankfully, it’s also only walking distance to the restaurants and nice hotels in Cerritos.  Finally, this wonderful community provides access to water supplied by their own well.

At Soleado Cerritos, find beach-front condos available for pre-sale!  So, take advantage of the early prices in this growing paradise just north of Cabo San Lucas on the Pacific Side.  It features amenities such as a pool, a restaurant, and the best waves on the west side of Baja.  Ronival Real Estate will be happy to tell you more about this great real-estate opportunity.

Pacific Side beaches

Here you can find a list of some of the most famous and beautiful pacific side beaches in the Cabo region.  Read on and find what fits you best for your liking and needs.  There’s something truly special for everyone awaiting!

The Old Lighthouse Beach

The sunsets along this beach are fantastic. The old lighthouse sits high on the dunes along the Pacific Coast of Cabo San Lucas within the Quivira Golf Course.  This is what gives this place its name.  The amazing thing is that the 7th hole of this golf course is framed by this lighthouse.  This was a 19th-century lighthouse founded in 1905.  It happens to be one of the oldest structures in Cabo San Lucas!

Playa Migriño

This place it’s said to be a great whale watching beach in the winter.  You’ll easily locate it by the sign at Km. 97 on Highway 9.  Prepare yourself with some lunch and drinks because the only thing you’ll find here is the amazing views, unobstructed!  The waves can be very strong as they pound the beach, so no swimming!

Playa Los Cerritos

This is a beautiful pristine beach just south of the farming community of Pescadero.  Find your way to this place at the top of a hill at about Km. 66. Watch the markers and follow through.  Cliffs are the main attraction of this moon-shaped beach facing the ocean.

More to see on the Pacific Side

Besides the entire beach options you have according to what you like, enjoy also these other amenities along the way.  You might get hungry or need a place to stay… what about some surfing lessons?  Keep reading and learn about the amenities you can find on the pacific side of the Cabo region.

Luna Baja Cabins

Luna Baja cabins are in a place that’ll make you feel like in your own private oasis.  You’ll find yourself surrounded by large palm trees, a good size pool between the cabins and a large outdoor kitchen and eating area facing the sea.   This is an Eco-friendly hideaway as it’s powered by solar panels and recycles several elements of the area.  Find this beautiful place in the Elias Calles Village right off Highway 19 coming from Cabo San Lucas.

Nuevo Atardecer Restaurant Bar

Restaurant bar Nuevo Atardecer in Pescadero is a palapa-like restaurant where you can enjoy fresh seafood coming straight from Cerritos Beach, right in front of this place.  Find this fun spot right next to the road going from Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos at Km 60.  It’s right in front of Cerritos beach, so it’s recommended at times where the Sunset is near.  Then, you can live this one-of-a-kind sight for yourself.  If you’re satisfied with the seafood there and are willing to keep the party going, right next to it is Art and Beer, a bar where the specialties are Bloody Marys and Margaritas.  This is all outside of El Pescadero village, where you can also find nice affordable accommodations once your day is over.

Pescadero Surf Camp

This is the new Nirvana for surfers.  This place goes from camping areas, where your adventurous self can take a tent and make a comfy place for your own, following all the way to a top-class penthouse with all the services included.  The Pescadero Surf Camp is located at the south end of the town of El Pescadero between Los Cerritos and San Pedrito, two of the best surf breaks in all of Baja. This is located one Hour from the San Jose del Cabo airport, via a toll road.  It’s right in front of an amazing beach with year-round surf and fun for the whole family.  This beach it’s an all sand bottom, making it ideal for all levels of surfing.  Look for surfing lessons, or practice what you know already!

Punta Lobos

Local fishermen launch their ‘’pangas’’ in the waves at this local beach several miles outside of Todos Santos.  This beach earned its name because of the Sea Lions inhabiting the rock formations that surround the area right next to the sea.  As the sea lions already know, this is a perfect place for camping or just spending the day.  Because of the great weather and the remoteness of this place, it turns out to be a perfect spot to enjoy.   Several paths will lead to different sections of the beach exiting in Km. 59 coming on Highway 9 from Todos Santos.  You’ll spot the landmark rocky promontory and lighthouse without a problem.

Los Cabos real estate

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