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Norman Estates

The portrait of seaside splendor

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The Residences: Crafted for the Connoisseur

At Norman Estates, each residence is a masterpiece, reflecting the oasis of the ocean and the spirit of the Baja. Surrender to the serene elegance of the coastal hacienda-style homes, where the whispers of the Pacific Ocean serenade your days and nights.

The Location

Perched atop the majestic Baja shoreline, Norman Estates is the pinnacle of exclusivity within Rancho San Lucas. Here, amidst the cascading terrain, each single-story villa is designed to capture sweeping panoramas of the Pacific's azure expanse and the fabled Cabo sunsets that paint the sky with vibrant hues. This privileged enclave not only promises a view but an experience of pure emotional resonance with every glance towards the horizon.

The Ocean's Embrace

Envision your home at Norman Estates—a sanctuary where the golden sand dunes are your courtyard, and the ocean's tides play your private symphony. The Greg Norman signature is evident in every aspect, from the imposing yet welcoming chef's kitchen where culinary arts meet casual elegance to the sprawling entertaining areas designed for gatherings that become legendary.

Sunlit Spaces

Large, light-flooded spaces invite the sun to dance across fine finishes and artisan touches, while the rhythmic sounds of the ocean promise a peaceful slumber.

Exclusive Enclave

With Norman Flats, the water’s edge is your canvas of living. These beachfront condos showcase top-quality finishes and direct water views, encapsulating the ethos of privacy and luxury. Here, your life is framed by the ever-changing hues of the sea and sky.

Your Lifestyle, Elevated

Beyond the doors of your Norman Estate, a world of exclusive amenities awaits. From the Greg Norman-designed golf course, a marvel with ocean holes and an island green, to the elegant yoga decks and fitness centers, every detail is curated for your pleasure.

Signature Golf Course: Challenge your game on our signature golf course, featuring six oceanfront holes and an island green, designed for both the avid golfer and the casual enthusiast seeking the pure joy of the game amidst breathtaking vistas. Private Outdoor Activities Concierge: Engage with our dedicated team, ready to curate personalized adventures. Whether it's sea or land, your every desire for exploration and excitement is seamlessly catered to. Executive Club Membership: Unlock exclusive access to the estate's crown jewels with an executive membership. A state-of-the-art fitness center stands ready to empower your wellness journey, while the fine dining restaurant promises culinary escapades with each dish.

Elevated Yoga Deck: Rise with the sun on our elevated yoga deck, offering serene sessions against the backdrop of the Pacific's endless canvas.

Sunset Swim-Up Bar: Bask in the peaceful glow of sunset-lit waters at our swim-up bar, a place where the day's end is greeted with crafted cocktails and a skyline ablaze with colour.

The project will include: World-Class Shopping Mile: Stroll along a shopping mile of world-class boutiques and unique finds, an experience akin to the famed promenades of the globe's most cosmopolitan cities, delivered right to your doorstep.

Join the Legacy: Your Invitation

This is your invitation to a life of grandeur. Norman Estates it's a place to feel alive. Reach out to Ronival Developments to begin the journey to your dream home where refinement is the very essence of the community.

Begin Your Tale By The Shore

As the day concludes and the sky is painted with strokes of crimson and amber, the legacy of Norman Estates calls to you. Here, every sunset marks the beginning of a new chapter in your story. Welcome to The Norman Estates—where your story of elegance begins.