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Rancho San Lucas

Legacy: The Dawn of Your New Chapter

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Echos of Elegance: The Prelude to Paradise

Picture the warm Baja breeze as it welcomes you to a place where splendor whispers from the ocean's edge. Rancho San Lucas, represented exclusively by Ronival Developments, beckons to those seeking not just a home, but a testament to their life's achievements.

The Location

Positioned at the heart of the Baja Peninsula's southern crest, Rancho San Lucas is a gem just 30 minutes from the airport's gateway and merely 20 minutes from the vibrant heartbeat of downtown. Being located within easy reach of the highway, it serves as your launchpad to the Pacific's treasures, including the enchanting heritage town of Todos Santos. Embrace the ease of exploration where every journey is steeped in wonder.

The Sanctuary: Your Exclusive Enclave

Within the embrace of 834 acres of natural grandeur, lies your personal sanctuary. Here, the exclusive villas of Rancho San Lucas are the chapters of your own epic story, each offering unrivaled panoramas and a symphony of luxury and tranquility.

Epic Living

At Rancho San Lucas, a suite of Villa models—Villa Luna, Villa Aire, Villa Aurora, Villa Estrella, Villa Perla, Villa Reina, and Golf Villa—have been meticulously crafted to cater to every aspiration.

A harmony of elegance, where the dance of desert light plays across spacious, open living areas, spilling out onto terraces with soul-stirring ocean views. Imagine the sun's caress as you gaze upon endless blue horizons, your private abode where each day is a testament to the art of living. A realm where traditional Santa Barbara style meets Baja's passionate spirit, offering a sanctuary of comfort with open arms to the sea.

Amenities and Lifestyle

At Rancho San Lucas, life’s cadence is set to the rhythm of the waves and the whispers of the Greg Norman Signature Golf Course. This premier course, a sculpted landscape that mirrors the sea's contours, is the community's crown jewel. Each round played is a journey through breathtaking vistas, where the ocean's breeze accompanies every shot. It's here that golf is not merely a sport but a celebration of nature, skill, and the serenity of living within a community that reveres the timeless game as its cherished heartbeat.

Residence Club & Mirador

Discover a Confluence of Culture and Convenience and the unmatched luxury at the Residence Club and Mirador, where the charm of a vibrant Mexican village marketplace is woven seamlessly into the fabric of an upscale living experience. Here, indulgence and convenience coexist in harmony, offering everything from organic eateries to bespoke shopping at your fingertips.

Village Amenities: Cultivating Community

  • Residential Buildings & Amphitheater: Architecture that sings with cultural stories and spaces that invite shared experiences.
  • Boutiques & Restaurants: A haven for discerning shoppers and food enthusiasts alike.
  • Café & Ice Cream: Sweet moments and lively conversations, one scoop at a time.
  • Mini Market: Artisanal delights and everyday needs, right within your reach.
  • Chapel: A tranquil sanctuary for reflection and spiritual connection.
  • Club House & Club House Pool: The social heartbeat of the community, offering cool relaxation and warm encounters.

Outdoor Experiences: Embrace the Natural Splendor

  • Stargazing: Under the celestial canopy, connect with the universe
  • Petit Concerts: Intimate musical gatherings that resonate with the soul.
  • Yoga Platform: Serenity and strength found in the practice amidst nature.
  • Golf Course Trails: Tread the paths of legends and pioneers on the trails that weave through the heart of our golfing paradise.
  • Beach Club & Community Park: Sands and grasses that play host to your dearest memories.

Seamless Living: Unwavering Security and Accesibility

Beach Access & 24/7 Security: A promise of exclusivity and peace of mind, ensuring a sanctuary for you and your loved ones at any hour.

The Narrative of Investment: Unveiling Value

Rancho San Lucas extends an invitation to a life of sophistication. The allure of investment here is not just in the tangible luxury but in the promise of a life well-lived, a legacy in the making.

Your Chapter: Joining the Legacy

We invite you to etch your name in the story of Rancho San Lucas. As we continue to craft this living legend, your role is that of both author and protagonist, beginning an adventure that will be passed down through time.