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RONIVAL BLOG: Baja California Sur Sites and Attractions in Baja California Sur

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Welcome to the Ronival Real Estate blog about Baja California Sur sites and attractions. Now, continue reading to uncover examples of the best sites and attractions in all of Baja. Then, scroll through the latest blog posts about various sites and attractions in Baja California Sur. You’ll truly enjoy your journey…

Watch the Cabo Sea turtles get released

Each summer around June and July, many beaches of Baja Sur come to life in one of the most amazing moments of the Sea of Cortez.  Several different species of sea turtles return ashore to make their nests.  Then, thousands of their younglings are born and make their way through the sand and out to sea.  Unlike other marine animals, sea turtles leave the water to build nests in the sand for their eggs, near the same place where they were born.  Four of the seven species of turtle return to make their nests where thousands of little sea turtles will be born before the end of each year.

Kayaking in Baja California Sur

The waters in Baja Sur are perfect for kayaking.  There are many places to explore from along the sea.  This is an interesting option for sightseeing over the calm waters of the Sea of Cortez, all in the safety of your own kayak!  Paddle around and enjoy the marine wildlife.  Kayaking in Cabo is great for getting close and personal with nature.  Either alone or with a group, this is a “can’t miss” experience!

Todos Santos Mango Festival

Brace yourself for the amazing Todos Santos Mango Festival, dedicated to one of the most delicious fruits in Mexico! And, Todos Santos is a famous destination for being considered a “Pueblo Magico.”  Besides, its pristine virgin beaches, the great number of art galleries, and the countrified vibe of this place put it in one of the top places to visit in Mexico.

Cultural events in Baja

There’s more than meets the eye in Baja, beyond the regular tourist activities.  To elaborate, this place is a nest of cultural activities happening almost every week!  In Baja, you’ll find an amazing array of enriching folkloric festivals to experience there. Whether you’re interested in the outdoors, art, culture or history, in Baja, there are plenty of options for you to choose from!

Experience the best whale watching around

You don’t want to miss the opportunity to see some of the largest creatures on Earth in their natural habitat. The Sea of Cortez has been a prime birthing spot for Humpback whales for centuries.  First, the whales feed and grow in the cold waters of the Arctic sea during the summer.  Then, they make their way down to Baja California to mate and nurse their young.  In the spring, the whales head north once again, now with their brood.  But, it’s before they leave, they offer the unique experience to see these majestic animals in their natural habitat.

Now, check out the latest posts about sites and attractions in Baja California Sur.

Baja California Sur real estate

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