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Ronival Property Management

Managing Your Cabo Property Just Got Easier


Director of Ronival Property Management

Meet Rocio Montaño (pronounced “row see oh”). She has over 24 years of experience in hospitality. She arrived to Cabo in 1997 where she started her career in the hotel industry and worked in different areas such as House Keeping, reservation, Front Desk, etc. Her last position being Operation Manager.

Rocio quickly identified the need for Cabo property management services for the clients of her husband, Nick Fong. Together, they founded Ronival Real Estate and Property Managment in 2010.

Now, Rocio and her team of property management professionals provides the highest standard of customized service and attention for Cabo home owners. Among their services, they do House Administration, Vacation Rentals and Project Management.

Rocio will be happy to hear from you. She looks forward to providing you with a customized quotation for the services you require.


Ronival Property Management knows just how important your Cabo home really is to you. That means, the first moment you ask for their property management services, a highly-experienced and friendly professional team will be assigned to oversee all your property needs.

For our clients, we know that good communication is the most important job. As such, you will always be up-to-date regarding your Cabo home. On top of that, your home will be in good hands. Ronival Property Management is always available through email, telephone, text messaging, and WhatsApp, to assist you immediately.


Each and every property has its individual needs. As such, a good property manager pays attention to unique needs of your property along with the normal responsibilities that you’d expect. In the video, Ana Trelles presents a wonderful opportunity. She reveals exactly why you need a property manager in Cabo.

Ana also answers some key questions like “what’s your benefit?” and “why do you need one?”. After that, she explains about owning a property in an area where you don’t live permanently. She says that it’s a good idea to have a property manager looking after your investment. Now, watch the video to learn why Ronival Property Management is your best choice in Cabo.



  • HOA meeting attendance
  • Preparing your house for arrivals
  • Coordination of cleaning services
  • Changing utility bills into your name
  • Coordinating repairs when necessary
  • Services such as fumigation, pool maintenance, gardening, etc.
  • Intermediary with HOA administration, long term renters, & suppliers


Our operations team visits your house once a week to ensure the perfect condition of it, as long as your house is unoccupied. We will report and coordinate the fixing of any maintenance issue, turn on your AC units once a month, run the water in the faucets and showers to avoid smells, water your plants, accompany any supplier when needed, etc.


As part of our services, we have a program where we ensure your house receives the recommended preventive maintenance for the area we live in. Preventive maintenance programs have significant economic benefits, including lower utility bills, avoidance of costly emergency repairs, etc. These programs are always customized to the owner’s needs.


Many of our owners decide to rent their houses short term. Because of that, we’ve created a successful program to offer web sites set up with professional pictures, website management, property preparation for the arrivals, guest welcoming, concierge services, constant communication with your clients, inspections after departures, claim management for damages caused to your property, etc. We work so you can receive a return on your investment.


For those of our owners that decide to rent their property on their own, we provide the needed work so their place is impeccable for the arrival. We also do the guest welcoming, concierge services, maintain constant communication with their clients, and do the inspections after the guest’s departure.


We know that for our clients good communication is extremely important, feel confident that you will be taken care of as you and your family deserve. We are always available thru email, phone, text message, WhatsApp etc.


Opening and managing your own bank account in Mexico is a very important part of our services, from that account we will pay every single one of your expenses, such as utilities, property taxes, fideicomiso (real estate trust) fees, suppliers, etc. You will receive a detailed report once a month where you will see your deposits, withdrawals and actual balance.


We have realized that for new owners, this is one of the most important services that we can offer, this will give you a peace of mind when our team can follow up on the list of items that may have been installed incorrectly, damaged during the course of work, or that are simply incomplete when the developer-builder delivered your property.


Our Hurricane season starts in May and lasts until mid-November. During that time, we get your house ready. This service includes coordinating the installation of your hurricane shutters, rolling and lifting your mats, lifting your curtains, placing sand bags in strategic places, putting your patio furniture inside, and covering your grills and fire pits. We also do after rain/hurricane inspections and send constant updates to you and your guests and renters.


Need to file a home insurance claim? We can help you with this, from the initial assessment, notifying your insurance company, opening the claim, meeting with the adjuster, following up on the claim process, to getting estimates for repairs, we will help with the whole process so you can be sure there is someone representing your interest while you are not in Cabo.


We know in many cases you would like to renovate your home, furniture, add a grill area, buy hurricane shutters, modify your palapa, etc. We are here to help you coordinate and follow up with your project from beginning to end. Also, we have a big catalog of suppliers and contractors for anything and everything you can think of. Finally, we do all these things while you are not in town. That way, when you come back, you can enjoy your house with family and friends and just relax in our beautiful Cabo. Click HERE to see more.


Watch Viviana with Ronival Property Management as she presents why we are the best in Cabo. In the video, she offers a preview of what to expect when you allow our company to manage the vacation rental program of your Cabo home. Getting more clients for you and achieving your income expectations is our goal. But that’s just the beginning. We also offer revenue optimization services.

A Revenue optimization requires careful attention to your income and your expenses and the right adjustments must be made regularly. It’s certainly not a straightforward process by any means. Now, watch the video to learn why Ronival Property Management is your best choice in Cabo.


Acknowledging a need for professional property management services, our Property Management Division was established in 2007 to serve our investor clients.

Why us?

We are a company with more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality Business, committed to always provide up close and personal service to our owners and guests, We are in constant contact with our clients since our goal is to create experiences understanding our customer’s needs.

Our tools & our strenghts

We use a channel management system that allows us to promote your listings efficiently upon various vacation rental sites. Then, we perform constant market analysis that aims competitive rates and ensures owner revenue. Finally, we charge a very competitive rate of the generated NET income and we use the latest technology to always keep our service above our competition

Our resources

As your property manager, we have all the information necessary to provide our owners with rental revenue analysis. Running our own property management company allow us to service the vacation rental clients from the moment they make an inquiry to the moment they depart. And being a binational company and local residents, we always provide current information to constantly update our listings and guest services timely and efficiently.


Watch Annalee with Ronival Property Management as she presents the facts about remodeling your home in Cabo. On-location, she is presenting from a beautiful home in Cabo San Lucas. There, Annalee describes her project management role while she covers how Ronival Property Management ensures your home remodel is a success.

To put it simply, Annalee will alleviate your stress by providing excellent project management services when you remodel your home in Los Cabos. That means, whether you need repairs after a storm or wish to remodel your Cabo home, Annalee with Ronival Property Management will handle it all for you. Watch the video to uncover some important information about remodeling your home in Los Cabos.