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Terrazas al Cortez

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Experience luxury, enjoy nature: Terrazas al Cortez awaits you.

Immerse yourself in a world where luxury harmonizes with the serene beauty of nature. Situated on 4.6 acres of landscape, Terrazas al Cortez invites you to experience the ultimate in residential splendor. Here, in the midst of a privileged natural setting adorned with lush vegetation, we present a retreat that seamlessly blends sophistication with the tranquility of its surroundings.

Infrastructure and Accessibility

Bounded by gravel roads on three sides and with access to a main thoroughfare, our development ensures both connectivity and tranquility. The land is construction-ready, supported by comprehensive soil mechanics studies to guarantee stability.

Diverse Offerings and Security

We cater to various market needs with a diverse range of lots, complemented by a 12,669 Sqft common area exclusively for residents. For enhanced security, our development features controlled access. The contemporary architectural style adds elegance to spacious and functional living spaces, with a minimum lot size of 3089.24 Sqft.

Residential Lots and Design

Terrazas al Cortez comprises 82 residential lots ranging from 3089 Sqft to 3380 Sqft. Thoughtfully designed internal streets facilitate smooth circulation within the development. Each lot is equipped with essential services, including potable water, electricity, and sewage.

Common Areas and Amenities

Residents will enjoy thoughtfully crafted common areas, including a 12669 Sqft central park with green spaces, playgrounds, benches, and walking trails. Additional spaces are allocated for a sports court and visitor parking.

Quality Living Environment

Our commitment is to provide residents with a high-quality residential environment, carefully planned lot distribution, necessary infrastructure, and compliance with all legal requirements, ensuring the success of the project.

Utilities and Compliance:

We prioritize utility infrastructure, with plans for a comprehensive water supply network, underground electrical lines for reliability, and a sewage system for proper wastewater disposal. Terrazas al Cortez adheres to all municipal regulations, securing the necessary permits and approvals.